LGN Green Park 1km Loop

Thursday, 25th October 2012

What better place to test your physical attributes than a royal park that was the London dueling site up to the late 17th century when King Charles numero dos added 40 acres for his own walking constitution - hence Constitution Hill

17th Green Park was enjoyed by landed gentry in heavy imported cotton, lace and latterly tweed, and we are lead to believe that no moisture wicking Dri Fit material was readily available


LGN 1km loops have been located and measured at several key points around London for use primarily by LGN Run Clubs http://www.lgnwellbeing.com/


These LGN 1km loops serve several key purposes:
Provide comparable LGN standard course for all our Run Clubs
  1. Via monthly time trial assist with tangible fitness progress
  2. Offer guide to tempo for people planning fun runs or PB races
  3. Building confidence for those aiming for initial 5km or 10km
  4. Help fan the flames of Inter LGN Run Club banter

'But how accurately measured are these LGN 1km loops?' we hear you say...
While we at LGN embrace technology with a cuddly bear lost & found like grip, and indeed for identifying our LGN 1km loops we used internet mapping to find best routes with same start / finish area, however when it came to accurate measurement we laughed in the face of GPS and used trusted measuring techniques for inch perfect accuracy, thus while you will have a route map to provide, rest easy knowing we walked every single 1km loop with a manual measuring wheel to make sure each one LGN 1km loop is indeed exactly 1km.


LGN 1km measuring precision, the passion is just infectious

The LGN Green Park 1km is a very simple loop but is not for the Run Club faint hearted, as its hill will test physical and mental resolve, if you want the easy flat & quick option pop over to our Hyde Park 1km loop instead...


To gain a good overview idea of Green Park course please click on mapping link below:



But to get a guided pictorial & detailed tour of the LGN loop please see below.


Lamp post in middle of Park acts as both start and finish point, your 1km start will see you heading up the right hand fork.

Luckily someone had already marked the start point with a dash of eco friendly white paint at the base of the lamp post.

Your view as you consider the beginning of your LGN 1km loop, the pathway ahead quickly leads to only hill on the course, hang on to your hat & get ready to get inside the hurt box.

Keep going straight and the summit is now nearly in sight

Almost at the top, keep going straight & don't be tempted by the delights of the left hand path


Bearing left at the top of the hill past the new memorial 


You will run past these amazing RAF memorial sculptures 


And then get ready to turn sharp left 

Now you start to feel the surge in thigh bound delight as gravity goes from being foe to friend on the delightful descent

Now feel your running rhythm pick up as you run down along side Constitution Hill

As you approach Buckingham Palace bear left and get ready for final 250m dash for the line


Turning left at the big tree on the corner, your finishing line awaits

LGN's surveyors wheel in the picture 3m short of the lampost marks the exact end to the 1km loop

So lets lace up and use the loop to either join us with our monthly time trials, or perhaps use it for rep session, do five and get a 5km time or perhaps as a guide to tempo for an upcoming race.

We look forward to hearing your results - please let us know via this blog or indeed via our The LGN Run Club on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=24456264587

Or if you think your company should join the likes of BP, M&C Saatchi & Nike et al and deserves an uber cost effective LGN Run Club, then contact us via info@lgnwellbeing.com for more info.

Happy running from all the team at LGN



Benjamin Noad

JLL rocking Green Park for their 1k's 

Rich 2.59 1.6% improvement & sub 3-00 

Hamish 2.56 3.3% improvement & sub 3-00

Ben 3.28

George 3.10 4% improvement 

Matt 3.07 3.1% improvement 

Emily 4.23

Ed 3.56

Lizzie 4.28

Rosie 4.13

John 4.49

Benjamin Noad

JLL shaping up well with their 1K efforts in June

Chrissy 5.04,

Alice 4.07, 

Angela 4.23

Pauline , 4.26

Ben  3.17

Matt 3.13

Eddy 3.45

Benjamin Noad

Some top times by JLL is July over the 1K loop in Green Park. 

Ben 3.26

Lauren 3.44

George  3.18

Paul 4.06

Ang 4.18

Matt 3.17

Rich 3.02

Hamish 3.00

Benjamin Noad

Forsters rocking the LGN 1K loop. 3 efforts 

Paul Jackson - Average Time 3:28
Olly Claridge- Average Time 4:09
Andrew McEwan- Average Time 3:38
Joe Young- Average Time 3:52
Anthony Goodmaker- Average Time 4:17
Emilie Hobday Average Time 5:06-
James Noble Average Time 3:51-
Miranda Nairn Average Time 4:00- 

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Check out Forsters November 1K runs. 

Oliver Claridge - 3:56

Jo Thomson - 4:11 -1.28% improvement 

Heather McDonald - 4:07

James Noble - 3:27

Rowena Marshall - 3:58 - 5.56% improvement 

Ben Sasson - 4:24

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Check out 1K times in November from JLL.

Lauren 4.12

Alice 4.10

Angela 4.34

Rich 3.10

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Foresters Ripping it up in Green Park. Check out the times below, lots of improvements. 

Anna Inkpin: 4:45

Louisa Long: 4:38

Joanna Thompson: 4:14 2.3% improvement 

Miranda Nairn: 3:50 0.5% improvement 

Anthony Goodmaker: 3:37 0.5% improvement 

Ben Brayford: 3:39 1.8% improvement 

Emilie Hobday: 4:37 5.5% improvement 

James Noble: 3:18 2.5% improvement 

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Foresters times from Green Park in September.

James Noble - 3:23 3.3% improvement 

Ben Brayford - 3:43

Joanna Thompson - 4:20

Amy Sweetland - 4:43 0.7% improvement

Ben Noad Operations Manager

JLL keeping it real in Green Park 

Pauline 4.16 7.6% improvement 

Rich 3.07

Lauren 3.47

Ben Noad Operations Manager

JLL roared around Green Park for their September 1K times. 

Hamish 3.04

Rich 3.03

Connor 4.17

Wayne 3.43 4.7% improvement 

Lauren 3.45 7.8% improvement 

Jahanvi 4.17 

Paul 4.50

Camilla 6.13

Pauline 4.37

Rob 3.43 2.6% improvement 

Brad 3.41 4.3% improvement 

Camilla 6.13

Paul 4.50

Ben Noad Operations Manager


James Noble    3:30
Ben Sasson    4:48
Amy Sweetland    4:45
Rowena Marshall    4:12 1.18% improvement 
Emilie Hobday    4:53
Claudia Orpin    4:13


Ben Noad Operations Manager

Forsters 1K times. 

Martin Bell - 3:32
Ben Brayford - 3:42

Anthony Goodmaker - 3:46

Miranda Nairn - 3:51 1.3% improvement. 

Rowena Marshall - 4:15

Emilie Hobday - 4:45

Amy Sweetland - 4:48

Ben Noad Operations Manager

JLL Shaping up nicely for their Property 5K in August. 

Rich 3.21
Bradley 3.31
Rob 3.49
Roger 3.48
Hugo 3.40
Ed 3.50
Angela 4.16
John 4.31
Lauren 4.04
Emma 4.04
Wayne 3.54
Richard 3.37

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Forsters Ik times from May

Miranda Nairn: 3:54

Anthony Goodmaker: 3:43

James Noble: 3:21 - 1.0% improvement 

Ben Noad Operations Manager

In unseasonably cold April conditions Forsters completed their 1st 1k runs of 2016. Interesting to see if they can improve in the following months. 

James Noble: 3:23

Martin Bell: 3:37

Steve Weiner: 3:40

Vince Schifano: 3:53

James Lodge: 3:59

Katherine Ochynski: 4:16

Ben Noad Operations Manager

In unseasonably cold conditions for April M&C Saatchi conducted their 1K runs with decent 1st efforts for Sophie and Emily. 

Sophie B: 4:15 1st run of 2016

Emily R: 5:13 1st run of 2016

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Back to Green Park for Nail Inc who took on the 1K loop for their March test. Check out the times.

Nimisha 4:55

Tory 4:22 3.32% improvement 

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Bee C knocked a great 19 seconds of her January time. Next stop sub 4 minutes! 

Bee C 4-09 7.7% improvement. 

Dan 3-55

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Tory put in her first effort of 2016 with some impressive marks. 

Tory 4-31 


Ben Noad Operations Manager

M&C Saatchi started the New Year with some impressive 1K runs. Check out their early season form. 

Chris Brightwell: 3:21

Alice Cohen: 3:48

Emma Kinder: 4:18

Bea Cooke: 4:28

Sophie Cowen: 4: 33

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Nails Inc begain a New Year with a 1K timed run. Check out the one result below. 

Lorna 4:26.

Ben Noad Operations Manager

M&C Saatchi conducted their November 1K runs in unseasonably warm conditions. Results below:

Chris B 3-33 just shy of his PB

Dan E 4-30 just a few clicks from his best 

Shelby 4-40 29 secs PB 9.4% improvement - Could be a winner? 


Ben Noad Operations Manager

After a great performance in the LGN Wellbeing Inter Advertising Agency 5K by McCann the runners continued their great form into their September 1K runs including a first ever sub 3minute effort. Check them out below.

Jim N 2-55 6.9% improvement

Harriot S 4-06


Ben Noad Operations Manager

McCann continued their preparations for the LGN Wellbeing Inter Advertising Agency 5K Champs in September with their latest 1K runs. Check out the times below. 

Giles W 3-59 just missed his PB. 

Shelly J 4-30

Tom W 3-29

Joe K 3-42 (4.4% improvement) 

Jim N 3-08

Imogen J 4-27 (5.1 % improvement) 

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Cracking turn out and times for the Forsters Crew in this month's 1K runs. 

Rob Keylock - 3.37

James Noble - 3.47

Anthony Goodmaker - 4.09

Katherine Ochynski - 4.23

Lucy Lintott - 4.47

Katherine Ekers - 5.16

Sarah Harte - 5.22

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Super turn out and super times for M&C Saatchi in October. Check them out below:

Shelby   5:09
Alice    3:50
Joe      3:31
Chris    3:26 just missing his PB. 
Kate     5:05
Beatrice 4:22
Dan      4:23
Joel     3:50
Alex    5:13

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Fresh of the back of the LGN Wellbeing Inter Advertising Agency 5K champs M&C Saatchi posted their latest 1K times

Chris B 3-22

Alex 4-32 

see you in October? 

Ben Noad Operations Manager

JLL getting some serious impovements done! 

Grace P 4-28 2-2% improvement (6 secs) 

Lucy P 5-23 First time run

Jenni W 5-42 just missing her PB

Richard M 3-08 5.1% improvement 

Gus P 4-50 just missing his PB 


Ben Noad

 Some great run's by the JLL crew in May 

Grace Prior 4-34

Jenni Watson 5-36

Richard Moore 3-18

Bex 4-03

Seb 3-50

Wes 4-00

Gus Power 4-38

Paul 3-19

John Seear 4-40

Some solid times to improve on. 

James Taylor LGN Trainer

Well done to all. Your performances were very honest, some standing out more than others based on where your fitness levels are at the moment.
Chris B 3.16 - Not quite at your sharpest but a great effort all the same. Well done.
Alex L-S 3.56 - A reasonable effort in maintaining fitness, one second off your previous time. Get the consistency to go to the next level once more.
Tom 3.34 - Strength and speed endurance is showing, 10 seconds faster than your previous.
Olga 5.25 - Working hard to your limit. Great effort. you will be back at your best with that type of consistent commitment.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

It was a hot evening in temperature and pace. Fantastic efforts out there.
Kat P 4.21 - A great come back 1k. Glad your up and running and fitness is on its way back again.
Chris B 3.11 - A very fresh looking performance, pushed to the line. This equals your 2014 Pall Mall time. More to come I think.
Olga S 5.07- Excellent consistent pace. A 12 second improvement on last month. Keep it up.
Tom B 3.44 - A top performance on tired legs. Well done.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

A hearty congratulations on the completion of the 1K in Green Park this week. For many of you this was your first attempt and it was impressive. Roll on next month to see those improvements.
Alice C - 3.55 A great first effort, especially the finish.
Alex S - 3.55 Equal time with Alice. I'm sure she will inspire you back to the 3.30's. Keep up the training it will pay off
Olga - 5.19 Great debut performance
Leon - 5.28 - Very impressive. You have improved so much in a few weeks. Keep it up.
Jo W - 5.55 - Your first 1k and first Run Club. Excellent performance. I look forward to seeing you improve on that next month.
Inger - 6.38 - Taking it all in your stride. A great debut, especially as a continuous effort for 1k a few weeks ago would not have been easily achieved. The greatest improver in the group already!
Amanda - 4.51 A solid debut time. As your fitness and pace judgment improves the times will come rolling down.
Emma K - 4.18 - You made it look very easy, whilst working hard :-) . Great first time round the course.

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

Great to see that seconds are still being pared off PB times with Matt being the biggest improver this month. Well done to Alex and Gareth on posting respectable times on their first outing on this tough course.
Marcus 3:38 (1% improvement on PB)
Alex 3:48 (new)
Matt 3:21 (2% improvement on PB, TMW course record)
Gareth 3:59 (new)

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

PB times keep on tumbling as runners start to become wise on how to pace themselves around what is recognised as the toughest LGN 1km course there is. Well done to Gareth who was this months biggest improver and Matt, who yet again lowered the TMW course record.
Gareth 3:53 (2.5% improvement on PB)
Marcus 3:35 (1% improvement on PB)
Matt 2:19 (1% improvment on PB, new TMW course record)

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

Due to my injury enforced absence, July was a non-runner, so this was the first opportunity the club had at improving on their one and only outing on this course in June.
Out of the 5 who tackled the course this month, 3 posted improvements on their PB, with 2 of those being significant. Well done Dawn on slashing 28sec off your time and Jenny on also making a big improvement by taking 24sec off your time.
Alex King 3:50 (Newcomer)
Marcus Aitman 3:40 (3.5% improvement)
Matthew Vaughan 3:29
Jenny Cobelli 4:30 (8% improvement)
Dawn Jenner 4:50 (9% improvement)

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

Time now to throw down the gauntlet to those other users of this 1km loop...namely M&C Saatchi! This course is recognised as being the toughest of all the loops we have around the city, so because of this we are going to reset your PB times for the monthly biggest improver comp.
The runners for our first outing can certainly vouch for the toughness of the course, with the little drag up towards Hyde Park Corner definitely challenging their leg strength. Great effort by all with very respectable times posted. Well done to Richard who posted a uber quick time of 3:23 around the course, so is now our course record holder.
For those who care, checking down through previous results here, I see that the overall course record is 3min dead...a target no doubt for our quicker runners!!!
Ash N 4:27
Marcus A 3:48
Dawn J 5:18
Matt V 3:25
Jenny C 4:54
Richard 3:23 (now our course record holder)

James Taylor LGN Trainer

Just as the darkness was falling over Green Park the LGN M&C Saatchi run group lit up the pathways with luminous vests zipping along like fireflies dancing around. …anyway enough of that. A great effort by all despite the odd few extra paces when missing the turn in the dark.
Ian B - 3.38 - A great first time round the course. You will be quicker when marathon training is over.
Padraig - 4.34 - Getting back into the swing of training. 10 seconds shy of your previous best.
Steve C - 4.35 - Almost as quick as the previous 4.28 best, chasing down Padraig to within a second of catching. Well done.
Mary H - 4.35- Chasing the boys down in this years best time. You can get close to (if not beat) that 4 minute barrier again.
Minnie - 4.46 - Pushing hard as ever. Well done on the effort level. Your fitness will come back soon. Be patient.
Sophie B - 4.50 - Identical time to a much brighter July course effort. Well done.
Alex W - 5.58 - Back under 6 minutes once more and 25 seconds faster than July. Very well done.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

July took us once more to the delights of the Green Park 1K Loop which hadn't been graced since 2011! Memories of the hill as you headed towards the war memorial soon came flooding back as the group took up the challenge of this tough yet rewarding course.
Danielle 5.56 - The first 1k with the group. Good consistent effort throughout.
Sophie B 4.50 - Finding this hilly course a little tougher than the flat Pall Mall, however Sophie still managed a solid performance.
Alex 6.23 - After a short break to recharge the batteries, Alex is back to take up the 1k challenge. There is more to come from Alex as she gets back to fitness. A sub 6 minute is within your grasp.
Steve 4.28 - A good first time for Steve especially as his strength is over the shorter faster reps.
Padraig 4.24 - A great debut performance, kept honest by Steve a few steps behind.
Tom 4.04 - The man alone at the front of the field with a good first time. I think it would have been a sub 4 minute had there been any close competition. There is always next month.


Four of M&C Saatchi Run club members showed that they continue to reap the benefits of regular training. Good effort from all. Keep the good work up!
Name Time Percentage improvement
Mary H 4:03 3%
Minnie C 3:55 1%
Alex W 5:30 7%
Lisa H 4:23 1%


A middle of the month time trial caught a few out at M&C Saatchi Run Club on the 19th July 2011 but the progressions continue with many and all bodes well for the Inter Advertising 5km event in September.
Results (percentage improvement in brackets)
Nicole A 4:10 (5%)
Minnie C 3:57 (6%)
Breda D 4:43 (1%)
Greg J 3:34 (5%)
Sophie B 4:30 (2%)
Addy T 3:59 (1%)
Rachel B 4:36 (equalled PB)
Nick W 3:26 (new PB by one second!)


A middle of the month time trial caught a few out at M&C Saatchi Run Club on the 19th July 2011 but the progressions continue with many and all bodes well for the Inter Advertising 5km event in September.
Results (percentage improvement in brackets)
Nicole A 4:10 (5%)
Minnie C 3:57 (6%)
Breda D 4:43 (1%)
Greg J 3:34 (5%)
Sophie B 4:30 (2%)
Addy T 3:59 (1%)
Rachel B 4:36 (equalled PB)
Nick W 3:26 (new PB by one second!)


Tuesday the 28th June had a fair amount of torrential rain, thunder and ligtening. However, in the early evening the clouds cleared,the rain stopped and the sun appeared as 12 of the best from M&C Saatchi ventured out of their offices for the monthly time trial at Green Park. Continued improvements across the group was the consistent result with some notable percentage improvements. Special mention of Sophie B, Alex W and Nil S who had 12,13 and 14% improvements respectively. Breda G had an amazing 23% improvement! Well done to all who took part and cotinue to make improvements in their fitness making use of the twice weekly training sessions.
List of times below
Nicole A 4:22 (debut)
Mary H 4:13 (debut)
Sophie B 4:36 12%
Lisa H 4:33 just 8" slower than p.b.
Howard M 3:28 2%
Amanda J 3:35 new p.b by 1"
Nick W 3:27 3%
Greg J 3:46 (debut)
Minnie C 4:12 4%
Addy T 4:02 6%
Breda G 4:46 23%
Nil S 5:10 14%
Alex W 5:55 13%
Well done again to all at M&C Run Club.

Ben Noad

The Volcanic Ash and President Obama’s visit to Buckingham Palace did not stop 6 determined members of the M&C Run club from recording a time over the undulating Green Park 1km loop. Tremendous effort from all and there was no holding back with each runner setting a significant target time to improve on for the next time trial. Howard charged up the slight incline from the start and set the leading pace with Nick and Amanda close behind. On the downhill stretch Amanda took the lead in the weave around the tourists. A thrilling finish, worthy of a 2012 Olympic stadium, resulted in Howard reclaiming the lead closely followed by Nick and Amanda. Tiffini and Emma were within a second of each other and Lisa came home in a respectable time having kept the heels of her team mates in sight. With positive mind set and consistent training what can these hearty souls produce next time?
Amanda Jones 3:36 8.1%
Tiffini Winn 4:01 debut
Emma Batho 4:02 12.6%
Howard Miller 3:33 debut
Nick Ward 3:33 3.6%
Lisa Hines 4:25 equal previous time
Great to see everyone moving forward. Until next time!


A spirited group from Jones Lang LaSalle headed out in the early evening on the 12th April 2011 to test themselves against the undulating challenges of the Green Park 1km loop. Some of the group were testing themselves for the first time while others were seeking to imporove on their March effort.
A big effort was made by all, and with another run club watching the Jones Lang LaSalle set off thinking about a consistent effort and good running form.
Excellent times were recorded with improvements virtually across the board on the second timers and some extremely fast feet from some. Lucy P-A made a massive 18.3% improvement on her March time with Anne P and Mike E also breaking the single digit percentage improvement margin.
Ed I showed that his muscles still remember his younger years when he recorded an awesome 3 minutes dead. However there were a significant number chasing his heels quite closely and it was clear that the group dynamics motivated everyone to achieve that bit more.
Times below with improvements in brackets:
Liselotte 4:36 (5.5%)
Charlotte W 5:18
Anne Peppiatt 4:40 (11.67%)
Samanha L 5:24 (6.51%)
Andrew Mackin (7.69%)
Mark Grayson ( 4.32%)
Michael Tobin (8.32%)
Lucy P-A 4:41 (18.3%)
Mike E 4:12 (10.32%)
Achah 6:18
Nasima 4:50
David E 3:15
Peter G 3:12
Darren M 3:22
Darren F 3:35
Ed I 3:00
Wayne S (time not available)
Happy running from the LGN Run Club team.
Do a runner with LGN

Ben Pochee

Hearty aerobic congrats to all LGN Run Club members from M&C Saatchi!
This week we witnessed superb tangible evidence of the group's fitness gains made in past 4 weeks.
As many will know each month LGN award a sparkly new pair of Asics running shoes to the LGN Run Club member from all our in-house corporate clubs who makes the biggest percentage improvement in their 1km times.
And with a whopping 19% improvement (taking over a minute off her time) Sophie will be this months submission from M&C Saatchi - we wait with baited breath to see if it is bettered by anyone else this month.
In the meantime please see all M&C Saatchi superb 1km times below - runners with no % merely had no March 1km time for comparison.
M&C runner / time / % improvement
Andrea H / 4.38 / 2.4%
Rachel B / 4.36 / 14.0%
Lydia G / 5.41 / 13.8%
Addy T / 4.17
Sophie B / 5.12
Lisa H / 4.25 / 6.6%
Amanda J / 3.55 / 4.0%
Claire C / 5.58
Laura E / 4.26 / 13.3%
Nick W / 3.41 / 9.7%
Jamie W-M / 3.40
Minnie C / 4.23 / 8.3%
Sophie R / 5.01 / 19.2%
Keep up the great work Team M&C and remember September 8th is Inter Advertising 5km day, so keep it free in your diary and we look forward to seeing all April 1km runners chase new personal bests next month.
Happy running from all the team at LGN!

Ben Pochee LGN Run Clubs

A great turnout from team M&C Saatchi as many new members took part in LGN's new & monthly 1km Asics shoe prize fun-fest.
To provide tangible evidence of fitness development for Run Club members, the monthly 1km run records each persons time and provides a clear fitness narrative over the coming months.
In addition each month LGN will reward the person from all LGN Run Clubs who makes the biggest percentage improvement with a gleaming new pair of Asics running shoes.
M&C's closest LGN 1km loop is Green Park, which is the only LGN 1km loop to have a hill... so well done to everyone who took part and we look forward to seeing times tumble in the coming months!
M&C Saatchi March 2011 Run Club times below:
Nil S 5.59
Kat P 5.51
Laura E 5.07
Lydia G 6.36
Andrea H 4.45
Breda G 6.12
Alex W 6.48
Minnie C 4.47
Rachel B 5.21
Nick W 4.05
Lisa H 4.44
Emma B 4.37
Sophie R 6.12
Amanda J 4.05
Happy running one and all from the LGN Run Club team.
Do a runner with LGN


On Tuesday 8th March 19 hardy souls left the comfort of their offices at Jones Lang Lasalle and took part in their first LGN 1km time trial of 2011.
In the last days of winter the conditions were cool and the light from the low sun was replaced by sporadic park lighting. However nothing diminished the resolve of our spirited group and impressive efforts resulted from everyone.
The effect of the group running togeher was commented by a number of particpants as assisting them to perform better than they expected. Some impressive running from swift Mark closely chased by Andrew with a group not far behind. Liselotte, as the JLL captain, showed a clean set of heels to many of her colleagues and her previous attendance at 2010 run clubs has clearly assisted her!
List of times below
Mark 3 mins 26 secs
Andrew 3 mins 28 secs
Angus 3 mins 39 secs
Ed 3 mins 39 secs
Michael 3 mins 48 secs
Wayne 3 mins 49 secs
Matt 3 mins 54 secs
Mike E 4 mins 41 secs
Peter 4 mins 45 secs
Liselotte 4 mins 52 secs
Caroline 5 mins 5 secs
Ellie 5 mins 6 secs
Frances 5 mins 8 secs
Karen 5 mins 14 secs
Charlotte 5 mins 16 secs
Lucy 5 mins 44 secs
Samantha 5 mins 53 secs
Well done to all those runners able to take part. There may have been others but unfortuntely their details were not recorded. We look forward to some improvements over the coming 5 weeks with the advantage of further training and increased light!


Hi there, I dont know if I am writing in a proper board but I have got a problem with activation, link i receive in email is not working... http://www.lgnwellbeing.com/?a6be97d01a7d21c3ff8e3ab712e,

Alan Barclay-Devine

I found this site by chance through the Runners Need site and although I've not done it yet will be doing the Green Park 1K at earliest opportunity. I run through there to get from Euston to Victoria every day so may just stop off occassionally to do the "test".

Ben Pochee

Hi Alan,
Many thanks for the kind note!
Always such a treat to get feedback from new users.
Indeed the LGN Green Park 1km is certainly the toughest of our 1km London loops due to the 'hill'... but it will provide some quality speed based strength and if you then want to treat yourself and do the Regents Park 1km loop you should be delighted by your flat course 1km PB.
Look forward to hopefully seeing your times posted soon.
Happy running!
Ben & the LGN Team.

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