LGN Hyde Park 1km Loop

Sunday, 17th May 2009

Welcome to LGN's Hyde Park 1km Loop

Hyde Park is a truly inspiring London park to come back to each month and measure your LGN Run Club progress.

The 2009 World Elite Triathlon Champs will try out the 2012 Olympic course in Hyde Park, so feel the passion and let your running evolve while surrounded by central London foliage beauty.
LGN 1km loops have been located and measured at several key points around London for use primarily by LGN Run Clubs http://www.lgnwellbeing.com/
These LGN 1km loops serve several key purposes;
  1. Provide comparable LGN standard course for all our Run Clubs
  2. Via monthly time trial assist with tangible fitness progress
  3. Offer guide to tempo for people planning fun funs or PB races
  4. Building confidence for those aiming for initial 5km or 10km
  5. Help fan the flames of Inter LGN Run Club banter

While we at LGN embrace technology with a cuddly bear like grip, for measuring our LGN 1km loops while we used internet mapping to idenify best routes with same start / finish area, however we laughed in the face of GPS and used trusted measuring techniques for accuracy, thus while you will have a route map to provide, rest easy knowing we walked every single 1km loop with a manual measuring wheel to make sure each one LGN 1km loop is indeed 1km.


Our measuring wheels worked so hard for the LGN 1km cause, we sent them off on holiday, as with all working relationships, romance is always a possibility..

The LGN Hyde Park 1km loop is flat and fast, based near the Lancaster Gate entrance and starts next to Speke's Needle Nile monument.


Please find the LGN Hyde Park / Kensingnton Gardens 1km Map My Run route below:

Please also find the LGN photo montage of 1km course below to help guide you.

Speke's Nile monument marks Start & Finish of LGN 1km loop

Path inter section is both start line and finsihing line - how handy

Head directly down path towards 'Statue of Physical Energy'

Take 2nd path on right upon approaching 'Statue of Physical Energy'

Then take 1st right and you will see Kensignton Garden lake on left

Keep going stright over inter section, keeping Lake on your left & get ready for the home straight


And now for the final approx 300m finish, heading back towards Speke's Needle Monument, your finishing line is the same path inter section from where you began

And there we have it, the LGN Hyde Park (Kensington Gardens) 1km loop.

So lets lace up and use the loop to either join us with our monthly time trials, or perhaps use it for rep session, do five and get a 5km time or perhaps as a guide to tempo for an upcoming race.
We look forward to hearing your results - please let us know via this blog or indeed via our The LGN Run Club on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=24456264587

Or if you think your company should join the likes of BP, M&C Saatchi & Nike et al and deserves an uber cost effective LGN Run Club, then contact us via info@lgnwellbeing.com for more info.

Happy running from all the team at LGN


James Taylor LGN Trainer

A most perfect execution of pace, effort and ultimately achievement. You were a determined group managed to perform some amazing feats at the 1K loop. Fantastic!
Linda C 4.56 - A further 9 seconds improvement on last months awesome time. A sub 5 min run. Excellent.
Giulia B 4.05 - A very impressive debut performance round the loop. Good work.
Sophie T 5.43 - A great achievement on your first 1k.
Abbie F 3.34 - A superb flying loop. You improved again by a further 17 seconds. Fantastic. Will it be enough for the trainers?
Bethany H 3.55 - A sub 4 minute debut at the 1k is something to shout about. Well done.
Caroline L 4.00 - A further 9 seconds improvement on last month. Excellent.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

Humid conditions proved perfect for the adam&eveDDB Run Club crew around the Hyde Park loop. Fantastic efforts all round.
Linda C 5.05 - A MASSIVE 33 second improvement on your previous time. Very well done
Caroline L - 4.09. A great improvement on your 4.22 track 1K time. Looking good, keep it up.
Abbie F 3.51 - You made it look effortless and with a 14 second improvement from last month. Very good.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

Many congratulations to the group last night on there sterling efforts round the 1k course, some for the first time. In a word - Impressive.
Linda C 5.38 - Despite not knowing the course you gave a very even and controlled effort on your first time round. Excellent.
Andrew B 3.11- Smashing your previous track best of 3.40 in February. Your on fire!
Paul A 5.25 - The prize for the most improved and dedicated trainer goes to Paul. A brilliant first time round the course.
Rob H 3.43 - A solid performance despite the tiredness. 5 seconds faster than your track best earlier in the year. Good job.
Abbie F 4.04 - A fantastic debut performance.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

The last time around the wonderful Hyde Park loop before the clocks change and the night closes in. It was a great turn out with many first timers in the group. All that took part made great efforts.
Beverley 3.30 - another storming effort improving by 1 second on Julys time. Well done
Katie T 3.45 - Another second improvement. Keep it up
Andrew B 3.56 - A wapping 26 second improvement. It is amazing what you can achieve when you have a 10 race goal. Well done.
Tim R - 4.05 Getting back to fitness. More to come.
Tania H 4.17- A great 10 second improvement
Sally B - 4.46 Keep up the effort and regular training and you will break 4 min 30.
Jana P 4.50 - A good initial 1k time.
Lauren B 5.06 - Setting the first 1k time. More to come from Lauren
Agne 5.22 - Good first effort by Agne
Justine D 5.35 - A good first 1k time trial effort.
Souad 5.55 - New to running, let alone a 1k time trial this was a great effort.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

Well the month of July has shown once more that the DDB Run Club is getting the fitness results from the hard work you have been putting in. Those 1k times keep tumbling down.
Clare D 4.08 - Now coming back into regular training a great time and 37 second improvement on Februarys track time of 4.45. A sub 4 minute beckons.
Oli 3.56 - A few seconds shy of last months substantial improvement. Keep focused, there is more to come for you Oli.
Anna 5.10 - Suffering from a stitch on the day but still battled round, not far of last months time.
Tanya - 4.27 A great first 1K time for Tanya. Looking good.
Beverley N 3.31- Now getting to be very swift. 12 seconds improvement on last month.
Lauren D - 3.47 A good initial time.
Michael M 3.35 - A well deserved 36 second improvement for Michael. He has been diligently working hard in every session over the last two months.
Stephanie E 5.01 - A stronger, fitter and much improved running style in Stephanie's first 1K. Keep up the good work.
Katie T 3.46 - Katie has improved her endurance as well as her speed and it shows in a 36 second improvement since April's 1K.
Sally 4.41 - An improvement on the previous months time but just 5 seconds shy of Sally's 2012 best. Keep up the good progress.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

This was the first 1K loop of 2012 in Hyde Park, all previous times were at the Track. I think the change of surroundings gave the group a natural boost as the times were so impressive I had to check the course again. Well done all.
Jason W 3.08 - 3 seconds faster than your track time and considering your coming back from injury an excellent time.
Ewen W 3.33 - Yet another huge chunk of 29 seconds off the previous best. Your on fire.
Sigi 4.19
Laura 4.19
Tim R 4.20 - Back from a snowboarding layoff. Not long till your back to the 3.58 Track time of Feb.
Katie T 4.22
Andrew B 4.22 - Good first 1k time. Welcome to the group.
Oli 4.23 - Another good first for 2012

James Taylor LGN Trainer

These 1k efforts were an outstanding group effort.
Tim R 3.15 - Nearly a whole minute faster than the previous months effort and 43 seconds faster than your 2012 Track best. Awesome effort! Could the trainers be yours?
Oli 3.49 - A huge 34 seconds improvement. Very well done.
Matt B 3.54 - Well done on the lone effort. A good first park loop for 2012
Sally B 4.36 - Good first 1k loop for 2012
Laura B 4.02 - 17 seconds faster than your previous and 3 second faster than your track best.
Marisa 4.16 - Only a few seconds off your track best, well done.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

After an inspiring and monstrous improvement by Tim in the previous month, the group had great focus in their application to the 1k effort this month.
Marisa 3.59 - 17 seconds faster than the previous month and now under the 4 minute barrier. well done.
Beverley 3.43 - A very swift start to 2012. I think there is more to come here.
Anna 4.59 - Pulling out all the stops and gaining every second possible to dip under 5 minutes. well done
Michael M 4.11 - A solid start to 2012. Next 1k under 4 minutes???
Sally 4.49 - This would have been under sally's previous best of 4.36 if it wasn't for the shoe lace!
Matt B 3.51 - A 3 second improvement. Good.
Ewen 3.53 - This was 20 seconds shy of April's previous best. After being on the very top of the pile of the improvers Ewen has had a well earned strategic rest period. He is sure to be back on fitness form in time for the LGN 5K race in September.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

1K Update - May smashes previous best.
After missing out on Tuesday's 1K in Green Park, a very keen May wanted to run all the way to Hyde Park (20 minutes plus) zip around a flat 1k loop and then head for home, hopefully with a new 1k time. The course and her effort lived up to expectations when May managed to smash her 1k previous best time of 4.23 to 4.05. Very well done.

Shavaun Henry

Well done to all of those who made it out in the holiday month of August. It was an all woman affair this month however a brilliant personal best was achieved by Laura Brailsford who also broke the four minute barrier.
Below are the results
Laura B 3:58
Sigrid E 4:26
Erin D 4:36
Claire 5:15 Debut
Laura 5:16 Debut
Well done to you all. Great running efforts.I look forward to the 1km fun next month.

Shavaun Henry

The potential threat of a serious downpour did not deter the defending champions. Running spirits were high and this was displayed in the huge revision of everyones personal bests.
Results are below with their individual percentage of improvement for July.
1. Timothy R 3:07 (9%)
2. Katie T 3:41 (2%)
3. Manfredi 4:01 (4%)
4. Sigrid E 4:13 (10%)
5. Erin D 4:15 (4%)
Huge congratulations to you all. What valiant running effort. Keep up the great work, I am so proud. September could be real running sweet for us....
Thank you for your participation and I look forward to August.


On a scorching summers day a swift seven stood on the startline ready to beat the clock.
It proved to be an exciting time waiting at the finishing seeing not just to see who would finish first but who would improve their times. It was also a great evening for those making their debuts Abbey,Lauren and Katie.
First to storm home after a long absence from running club was superfit speed king Jason who was pushed hard by Timothy who claimed 2nd spot by knocking off a splendid six seconds!
To complete the top 3 Katie sprinted home in a tremendous personal best, first ddb woman to break four minutes and by a considerable amount.
Results Below
Jason 3:23 pb
Tim R 3:26 pb
Katie 3:45 pb
Abbey 4:03 pb
Erin D 4:25 pb
Sigrid E 4:42
Lauren 4:45 pb
Well done to all those who completed this months trial you all produced amazing results. 6 personal bests, huge congratulations.
I look forward to July when we come out again to test ourselves.
The future is looking bright.

Shavaun henry

The month of May was a turnaround for those who did the 1km time trial, the performances were amazing.
It was a real battle of the lions down the home straight the match was back on again between William and Timothy. I could see in the distance the two figures but had to keep my eye on the clock.
Heavy breathing and arms driving fast side by side it was William who took top honours but only just from Timothy. Next to follow was
Hugo who claimed third in fine form, with Laura working hard to finish strongly. All four produced personal bests.
Times Below
Will L 3:30 pb
Tim R 3:32 pb
Hugo 3:37 pb
Laura B 4:13 pb
Well done to you all you ran the best you could. Thank you for coming out and next month we aim to test ourselves gain and see if we can development even more in particular with more opponents.

Tim Elsey

A great turn out for our May strength test. All exercises were completed in a duration of 1 minute apart from the single leg hops these were over 30 seconds for each leg.
Sophia Squat jumps 45, Side frog hops 38, Single leg hops 32R 32L, Crunches 33, Press ups 22, Shuttle sprints 14 (12m)
Harriet 37 sj, 52 fh, 32R 30L sl, 40 c, 34 pu, 14 s
Siofradh 46 sj, 56 fh, 36R 33L sl, 33 c, 26 pu, 15 s
Antony 47 sj, 60 fh, 41R 39L sl, 33 c, 40 pu, 14 s
Danni G 37 sj, 36 fh, 19 R 13L sl, 26 c, 24pu, 14 s
Danni S 40 static squats, 36L 31R Knee dips, 31 c, 37 pu, 13 s
Robin 35 sj, 54 fh, 51R 27L sl, 32 c, 40 pu, 14 s
Lize 43 sj, 54 fh, 29R 34L sl, 26 c, 33 pu, 15 s
Shanet 48 sj, 41 fh, 29 R 25L sl, 29 c, 50 pu, 12 s

Shavaun henry

On a cool sunny wednesday evening seven of the defending champions
stood on the 1km start line ready to test themselves against the clock.
With clear paths and no obstacles to hold them back the illuminious
army cruised around the course in fine form.
In the sights a battle of elbows between William and Timothy was clear to see but who was going to burst the tape first, I waited with anticipation. To complete the top three long striding Manfredi
stormed down the home straight with galliant force.
Times Below
Will. L 3:39
Tim. R 3:46
Manfredi 4:12
Oli R 4:18
Laura B: 4:22
Sigrid E 4: 4:27
Erin D. 4:28
Well done to everyone. It was great effort from you and we aim to
improve our times with even more competitive spirit when more of
the champions turn out. Until next time....

Tim Elsey

A small but potent number turned out for the April time trial to post some scintillating times which will I am sure be the envy of all the other clubs! PB=personal best and SB=season best
Harriet 3:53 PB by 12 seconds!
Robin 4:10 PB by nearly a minute!
Sophia 3:45 PB by 16 seconds!
Amanda 4:29 SB
Siofradh 3:42 PB by 31 seconds! (2011 Running Shoes London club record)
Antony 3:07 PB by 8 seconds! (2011 Running Shoes London club record)
Wow is all I can say!

Tim Elsey

Awesome start to our monthly strength tests. You all managed to complete round one and two around a loop comprising of lower and upper body exercises. Here are your best scores from the combined rounds. Miranda P 40 S 20, Sophia P35 S19, Amanda P47 S25, Barry P80 S22, Robin P60 S24, Danni G P35 S15. P denotes press ups and S denotes stomach crunches all done in 1 minute. Lower body exercises were tuck jumps x 10 squats side to side x 6 single leg tuck jump x 6 for everyone. Well done you have set a tough one to beat for next month!

Ben Noad

Running Shoes London conducted their 1K timed run in Hyde Park in glorious spring sunshine. Some excellent times were achieved. Please check out your times below: PB = Personal Best
Sophia 4:13
Miranda 4:17 PB
Robin 5:09 PB
Siofradh 4:13 PB
Antony 3:15 PB (Running Shoes London Club record)
Jasper 3:38
Eclunie 4:20PB
Dave 3:50 PB
Federico 3:33
Harriet 4:10PB PB (Running Shoes London Club record)
B. Peak 3:59PB
N.Bull 3:59
Congratulations to all the runners who took part. Some very challenging times to beat in April but I am sure you will!

Tim Elsey

With the winter months fading and the promise of warmer weather around the corner the Running Shoes London club has seen a swell in its ranks of both newcomers and runners from the summer of 2009. Winter months have seen us use the track at Paddington recreational ground due to it being floodlit. Here are a list of the performances recorded on the 10th March. Solomon 3:39 Charlie 3:43 Joe 4:10 Cym 4:14 Amanda 4:34 Lize 4:44 Helena 4:47 MOira 4:48 Ola 4:58. A fanatastic effort alround and lets look forward to the next one in the second week of April which will be on the Hyde park loop.

Karl Twomey

First TT times of the year have been posted by DDB UK...some cracking times...big it up for Tom K who got our first sub 3min!!! Reckon a few more will be joining him soon.
The times...Sally 4:48, Elliot 3:09, Tim R 3:36, Seb 3:51, Pia 4:15, Jason 3:11, Trudie 4:34, Matt B 4:17, Tom K 2:51 (club record!!!), Stephen 3:45, Andreas 3:47, Will 3:41, Danni 4:34

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