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Thursday, 30th June 2011


Hounslow for too long has been LGN's West London outpost without the aerobic love of our LGN 1km surveryor's wheel, however, now that the healthy team at Pernod Ricard are enjoying both an LGN Run Club & Walk Club we are happy to announce that the Hounslow 1km loop is now up & quite literally running. 


The LGN measuring wheel hits Hounslow's Lampton Park with 1km passion


LGN's 1km loops have been located and measured at several key points around London for use primarily by LGN Run Clubs:

 LGN 1km loops serve several key purposes:
  1. Provide comparable LGN standard course for all our Run Clubs
  2. Via monthly time trial assist with Run Club members tangible fitness progress
  3. Offer tempo training guide for people planning to run a race with a specific time in mind
  4. Help build confidence for those aiming for their initial 5km or 10km
  5. Fan the already raging flames of Inter LGN Run Club banter
We at LGN embrace technology with a cuddly bear lost & found-like grip, and indeed for identifying our LGN 1km loops we used internet mapping to find best routes.
However when it came to accurate measurement we laughed in the face of GPS and used trusted measuring techniques for inch perfect accuracy, thus while you will have a route map below, rest easy knowing we walked every single 1km loop with a manual measuring wheel to make sure each one LGN 1km loop is indeed exactly 1km.


 LGN's measuring wheels rest from 1km duty by holidaying in the Orient...

The LGN Hounslow 1km Loop can be found at Lampton Park, Hounslow, London, TW3

To find the LGN 1km Loop via map please see -  http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/40305232

 As you enter Lampton Park you will see a well tended foliage based mini round-about, the 1km Loop starts just on the left.


The two white rocks on either side of the path denote the start line and runners aim to run directly past the mini round-about heading in an anti clockwise direction.

After less than 150m you will approach a path junction with an old brick building on your right, you are going to take the 2nd left hand path turn at the junction.


And here is that very 2nd left hand turn, you now power along the path keeping the Lampton Park sign on your left and the modern office building on your right.


You now can start to get your 1km rhythm as you just have to follow the path as it gently turns left.


After 200m the path comes to a fork, you go left and once more have a long stretch to hunt your lactic threshold and 1km PB...


The path is staright as an arrow and you will whizz past the tennis courts left as you prepare to turn left at the end.

And here is that very left turn by the small tree that has it's fingers / branches crossed for your 1km run.

And as you see this tree and turn left for the last time you are on the home straight with less than 250m to go.

If the beautiful green grass coud talk you know it would cheer you on home, less than 200m to go!

You now need to go past you original starting point (this natural loop was just shy of 1,000m) and keep going straight on as per at the beginning and head for the old brick building / path junction once more.

And this curb stone under the Lampton Park signs marks the exact end of your 1km Loop.

Congratulations and please let us know how your times start to tumble.

Happy running from all the team at LGN!




Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

The first 1km of the year saw 4 runners take to the line. Well done to Lee who posted the quickest time on his first visit to the course. Lets hope the coming months see these times tumbling.
Lee 3:53
Jenny 4:27
Nicole 4:36
Aurelie 4:30

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

Round two of our 1km time trial saw 6 runners take to the line. Well done to Aurelie our biggest improver this month. Also well done to Max who has finally broken the 4min mark!!!
Kyle 3:53
Jenny 4:22 (2014 PB, 1.9% improvement)
Alexa 4:21
Max 3:57
Aurelie 4:22 (2014 PB, 3% improvement)
Nicole 4:30 (2014 PB, 2.2% improvement)

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

On a perfect day for running three runners made it to the line. With fewer bodies to chase down, times suffered slightly with each runner falling slightly short of their PB.
Alexa 4:28
Nicole 4:37
Max 4:00

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

The December edition of the 1km TT saw 4 runners take to the start line. Overall a really strong batch of times were posted with 3 new PB's being set and Will posting his first time for the course. Well done to Jenny, our biggest improver this month, knocking a whopping 20sec off her previous best.
Jenny King 4:23 (New PB for 2013, 7% improvement on previous)
Max Holland 4:03 (New PB for 2013, 1% improvement on previous)
Nicole Watkins 4:30 (New PB for 2013, 1.5% improvement on previous)
Will Jukes 3:47 (first outing)

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

This month saw four bodies brave the damp conditions and make it to the start line. While there were no PB's this month, four very solid times were posted that were only a few seconds off their previous bests. Great running guys! A consistent stint of training through November will see those times tumbling in the next edition.
Laura 4:31
Alexa 4:30
Aoibheann 4:31
Max 4:06

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

Well done to everyone you took part in this months 1km time trial. Finally we had a crack at this course without having to deal with strong winds. Well done to Alexa who was this months biggest improver knocking a whopping 19sec off her previous best. Close on her heels with a 14sec improvement was Jose, who more importantly dipped under the 4 min mark for the first time...well done!
Laura 4:23
Nicole 4:34
Jose 3:46 (6% improvement on PB)
Alexa 4:18 (7% improvement on PB)
Peter 3:49
Aoibheann 4:26

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

Due to my injury enforced absence, the club hasn't had the chance to tackle the 1km course for a couple of months. Five bodies made it to the line for this edition, with 2 of those posting their first times for the course. Well done Nuala and Alexa, you now have benchmarks to aim to beat next time around. No PB's were set this month. Kyle was closest, falling only 3sec short of his previous best.
Jose Garcia 4:00
Kyle Patterson 4:25
Nuala Murray 5:07
Aoibheann O'Flynn 4:33
Alexa Chelini 4:37

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

As promised the 1km is back as a permanent monthly feature with 3 bodies making it to the line for this months edition. Well done Kyle, Aoibheann and Aurelie on great efforts. All three were similarly paced and pushed each other to 2013 PB's. Our biggest improver this month was Aurelie who knocked a whopping 25secs off her PB with Aoibheanns improvement of 14sec being not that far behind. Kyle now has a time to attack and aim to improve on next time around.
Aoibheann 4:22 (PB, 5% improvement)
Aurelie 4:22 (PB, 9& improvement)
Kyle 4:22 (First Timer)

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

On just our second 1km runout this year 5 bodies made it to the start line. We're going to make the 1km a regular occurrence again so that members can track how they are progressing through the year (and not forgetting being in with a chance of winning the monthly LGN 1km prize!)
Only Aoibheann had posted a time previously for this year and she smashed that time by a whopping 13 seconds this time around...well done Aoibheann. Well done also to the rest of the group who have their first 2013 1km run under their belt now. You should now use this time as the benchmark to beat over the coming months.
This months times:
Aoibheann 4:36 (PB, 4.5% improvement)
Kate 4:20
Lauren 5:07
Jenny 4:43
Tim 4:16

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

In blustery, chilly conditions 2013 saw its first 1km time trial. Well done ladies on strong efforts. All previous PBs can now be set aside as we're now going to use this time as your benchmark for the monthly 'biggest improver' prize given across all the LGN clubs. Training consistency should hopefully result in improvements all around with our next edition.
The times:
Aoibheann 4:49
Aurelie 4:47
Theresa 7:47

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

November 1st marked the return to the 1km loop with 4 runners gracing the route. Good running all round especially since its been a while since the 1km has been done. While there were no improvements in PB's, its been so long since times have been posted here that I think its fair for those that ran to use their time from this run as the benchmark to beat in future.
Hopefully with some consistent training over the coming month improvements will be seen at the next edition.
The times;
Max H 4:08
Jose G 3:59
Tim F 4:31

Shaun Dixon LGN Trainer

In searing March temperatures 11 members of team Pernod Ricard bolted round the Hounslow 1km course this week.
Many runners were making their 2012 debuts- so we have some good marks to improve on next month!
Here's the numbers
Adam- 1st effort in 2012 and a 3.37 time (incidentally only a second behind his last effort last summer- Mr Consistency)
Rodney- a solid first run for 2012- 3.57
Chris- always co-incides his return with the 1k trial- great race with Rodney to finish in 3.58 a 3% improvement this year.
Stuart- good start to the year- 4.26
Jenny- slight drop on January but a solid run in the heat- 4.26
Aurelie- 2012 debut and a 4.36 finish- nice one.
Tim F- on the way back from injury and a solid start to the year 4.40
Laura C- first ever 1km, and a fantastic 4.47 time
Adele- Another debutant finishing in a cracking 4.52
Ciara- Good battle with Adele coming in just behind in 4.54. Think we'll see a big PB without the winter training gear!
Theresa- Great run from Theresa- taking 7% off her overall PB (not 2012) with a 6.28 time.
Great start to the year- lets hope we'll be even faster next month!

Shaun Dixon LGN Trainer

Team Pernod-Ricard hit the 1k course in early Feb to post their first set of 1k times of 2012 (we're using the cold weather as an excuse for missing January).
Despite some quick early running from Jenny and Jose there was a blanket finish with all runners finishing within 8 seconds. This shows the high level of consistency shown by the group.
Here are the times;
Jose 4.01 (On his way back to form I can see Jose smashing this time next month with a few weeks of training)
Chris H 4.05 (Solid return to action from Chris- think he'll boom out a sub 4 next month)
Fiona 4.07 (exactly the same as the last time! Perhaps more High-5's at Run Club might push her to a PB next month)
Louisa 4.08 (I think this was a debut- she ran the last 500 in well under 2mins)
Jenny K- 4.09 (this is a 8 sec PB- bringing a 3% improvement. Great stuff Jenny- another 9secs next month and you'll run sub 4mins)

Shaun Dixon LGN Trainer

On the last day in November Team Pernod Ricard put the pedal to the metal and hammered round the Hounslow course.
Due to the colder conditions we did not see a raft of PB's this month (though we did get a few!)- but all runners are showing good consistency. Im sure next month will bring us a bumper crop, and see the biggest improver title winging its way back to Hounslow.
We also saw 3 'newbies' attack the course, one of whom broke the females course record (and perhaps the female LGN record..). All 3 had cracking runs- will they find it hard to break it next month after such good debuts? The Gauntlet has been thrown..
Results are as follows;
Fionnvala D- 1st time..bang- womens record! Awesome. 3.38
Rodney- 3.53. No PB for Rodney (was the Mo holding him back) but consistently under 4mins
Simon B. 3.59. No PB for Simon- but he is previous winner of the biggest improver this was a tough ask. Consistent performance though!
Fiona T. 4.07 Another good run from Fiona-Im predicting sub 4 next month.
Stuart- PB 4.18 giving us a 2% improvement. Great stuff
Tim F PB 4.20 3% improvement...thats 2 PB's in one week following a 5k PB at Parkrun. Amazing
Luke M- a strong 4.20 on his first ever run session! Great effort.
Claire M- First effort and a fantastic 4.33. I think Claire might see a big improvement next month too!
Theresa K. 6.57. Another Sub 7min run! We both know that we are going to smash this time next month!
Well done all.


The 4th Pernod Ricard 1km Loop time trial took place on Wednesday the 26th October 2011 and despite the distractions of work and unpredicatble weather eight of our run club regulars embraced the challenge of another time trial.
Rodney and Fiona took off at an ambitious pace and although they were clearly determined to produce more improvement for the Pernod Ricard stable of runners. The lactic kicked in for Rodney in the final metres and he was robbed of a new personal best but was only 6" off his best time (he did mention being sore from Squash the previous day). Something tells me his tactics will be different next time on his initial pacing and he is one to watch out for over the coming months. Fiona used Rodney as her pacer and was rewarded with 2% improvement and a super fast sub 4 minute time!
Welcome to recent joiner Emily who set her benchmark time of 4:28 and looks like she may be one to watch out for too over the coming months.
Tim recently returning from an unfortunate injury and relatively had an 5% improvement and with a balanced build up in his training he has the potential to make further improvements.
Ciara made a further improvement and dipped under the 5 minute barrier for the first time.
Aurelie shaved a few seconds off her best time and looks set to carry on doing so.
Jenny has missed a few sessions with work commitments but still managed to be only 4" of her best time. Is spinning classes the secret to keeping fit for running?
Special mention has to go to Theresa who made a 7% improvement in September and a 9% improvement this month. She is a whopping 73" faster over the distance and shows all the determination to keep chipping away at her personal best.
Well done to everyone who took part. Keep the good work up!
Name Time Percentage improvement or debut
Jenny K 4:21 4" off best time
Ciara G 4:58 1%
Emily L 4:28 Debut
Rodney J 3:52 6" off best time
Tim F 4:42 5%
Theresa K 6:35 9%
Fiona T 3:59 2%
Aurelie 4:26 1%


On Wednesday the 21st September 2011 13 good people from Pernod Ricard ventured out to Lampton Park for the monthly 1km time trial. Some were returning after a break from training, some were focussed on making improvement on previous months and others were testing themselves for the first time. A massive 19% improvement by Simon B, 10% by Rodney, 9.3% by Adam, 7% by Theresa and 6% by Max are noteworthy. Well done to everyone and welcome to the newbies. Andrew W has now a reputation for being a fast runner in addition to some biscuit thing!
Name Time (Percentage improvement or Debut)
Simon B 3:54 19%
Estelle M 5:33 Debut
Jenny K 4:17 2%
Ciara G 5:01 3%
Adam B 3:36 9.3%
Andrew W 3:31 Debut
Rodney J 3:46 10%
Theresa K 7:15 7%
Aurelie K 4:38 9" of best time
Max H 3:50 6%
Jose G 3:44 4" of best time
Steve F 4:20 Debut
Tim F 4:29 Debut
September's time trial was held one week early so an extra week of training until the end of October loop. Keep training and lets see how much more improvement can be made..


Rodney J 4:12 - Wish that was a 3:12.


After days of cloud and rain Pernod Ricard run club members took the opportunity to in dry conditions when the sun reappeared for their monthly 1km loop. Improvements achieved for all who returned to test their fitness against previous attempt(s). Also well done to the 5 people completed the 1km loop test and now have a benchmark time. Look out for them over the coming months!
Name Time (Percentage improvement or Debut)
Jenny K 4:23 (4%)
Adam B 3:52 (Debut)
Ciara G 5:09 (3%)
Russell F 4:42 (7%)
Chris H 3:43 (3%)
Kirsty S 5:18 (Debut)
Max H 4:05 (Debut)
Stuart H 4:23 (Debut)
Theresa K 7:48 (Debut)


Wednesday 29th June 2011 was a special date for 21 fine people at Pernod Ricard. They took part in the inaugural Lampton Park 1k running loop organised by LGN Wellbeing.
Mild temperature, a little wind and a flat course helped the runners to set a good benchmark time over the distance. Well done for all for taking part!
Jenny K 4:50
Dan R 4:12
Amanda K 6:14
Kylie R 4:39
Ciara G 5:30
Fiona T 4:13
Rodney J 4:02
Simon B 4:44
Pete D 4:29
Louisa W 4:08
Lauren G 4:36
Jose G 3:40
Stuart H 4:44
Victoria W 5:26
Aurelie K 4:29
Morwema 3:26
Laura A 4:27
Daphne H 4:29
Mark D 3:53
Russell F 5:04
Chris H 3:50


On Wednesday 20th July 2011 the second Pernod Ricard 1k time trial was held in warm weather conditions. A smaller group on this occasion due to business commitments but the indications are that improvements are being made already!
Keep up the good work and reap the rewards over the coming months.
Federico 3:23 (debut run)
Rodney J 3:12
Ciara G 5:17 (4%)
Jenny K 4:33 (6%)
Laura A 4:29
Chris Hall 3:49 (8%)
Fiona T 4:03 (4%)

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