LGN Run Club's Canary Wharf 1km Loop #1

Sunday, 31st May 2009
Indeed a warm welcome to LGN's Canary Wharf 1km loop and probbaly one of London's most lovely & juxtaposed green spaces - Mudchute Park, only 5mins jog from E14

LGN 1km loops have been located and measured at several key points around London for use primarily by LGN Run Clubs http://www.lgnwellbeing.com/

These LGN 1km loops serve several key purposes:


  1. Provide comparable LGN standard course for all our Run Clubs

  2. Via monthly time trial assist with tangible fitness progress

  3. Offer guide to tempo for people planning fun runs or PB races

  4. Building confidence for those aiming for initial 5km or 10km

  5. Help fan the flames of Inter LGN Run Club banter

As per the Canary Wharf need for accurate figures, we at LGN embrace technology with a cuddly bear lost & found like grip, and indeed for identifying our LGN 1km loops we used internet mapping to find best routes with same start / finish area, however when it came to accurate measurement we laughed in the face of GPS and used trusted measuring techniques for inch perfect accuracy, thus while you will have a route map to provide, rest easy knowing we walked every single 1km loop with a manual measuring wheel to make sure each one LGN 1km loop is indeed exactly 1km.


GPS technolgy is good, but our measuring wheels seem to afford us a more craftman like zeal - and just look at their pretty colours

To gain a good over view idea of where Mudchute park is and where our loop goes please click on mapping link below.

But for a full LGN pictorial overview, please see below:
Only 5 mins Jog from Canary Wharf, access park up these stairs from East Ferry Road

The LGN 1km loop then starts at end of tarmac path on other side of pedestrian gates

And this is the start get gate in question, with white marking on bottom left post

Start is from other side of the gate and here is an attempted arty photograph to illustrate first 1oo yards

After 200 - 300 yards, take the left fork

Go through open gate

Head down beautiful path, taking time to admire wild flowers on your left and blackberries on your right

Keep going straight and eventually you will come across marking for halfway point

At end of path get ready to bear hard left and hopefully enjoy support from lone bench seated civilian

You will approach Mudchute Park farm, soak up the countryside aroma and follow path bearing right

We at LGN are aware that fiscal trading can be described as a 'Bull Market' and thus would like to think someone appreciated our photograhic humour laced efforts...

Keep on path and just keep striding out, not far to go now

Lovely fast and smooth tarmac to find your rhythm

As path ends turn sharp left (if you end up in supermarekt car park, you have not turned left in time!)

As you trun left, you will be faced with a gate that requires navigating a quick shimmy

And then it is 200 - 300 yards remaining with sweet memories of school cross country

Green & fast - beautiful, with finishing line fast approaching
Path from stairs you entered park through is your finish point
If in doubt look for your 2nd gate post with white marking

And yes we too were amazed that the route to end on path is exactly 1000m aka 1km!

So lets lace up and use the loop to either join us with our monthly LGN time trials, or perhaps use it for rep session, do five and get a 5km time or perhaps as a guide to tempo for an upcoming race.
We look forward to hearing your results - please let us know via this blog or indeed via our The LGN Run Club on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=24456264587
Or if you think your company should join the likes of BP, M&C Saatchi & Nike et al and deserves an uber cost effective LGN Run Club, then contact us via info@lgnwellbeing.com for more info.
Happy running from all the team at LGN



Callum Martin LGN Trainer

BP 1km Time Trial November 2011
Four of the BP Run Club regulars took part in the the time trial near Canary Wharf on the 22nd November 2011 and had a check up on their current running fitness over the 1km distance.
James made a gigantic 14% improvement on his previous time and his regular training appears to be paying off. Lawrence made an 8% improvement which is also impressive. Ellen just back from a holiday still managed to run a good time although she is determined to beat her personal best next time! Dan running his debut time trial finished strongly in a very swift 3:26 and shows all the potential to lower his time further.
Below are the times with percentages of improvement where applicable:-
Ellen A 4:25
Lawrence O 3:49 8% improvement
James S 3:29 13% improvement
Dan R 3:26 (Debut run)
Well done to these guys and we wait to see how the winter training will affect the next time trial times!

Shavaun Henry

The BP run clubbers were out in full force our biggest field to date for the 1km time trial. Well done to James,Lawrence and Sylvana on their respective debuts,fantastic running efforts.
The club captain was first to burst through the line followed ever so closely by Hong, next to complete the top three was James a new recruit to the running club.
Below are the times with a percentage of improvement:-
Scott N 3:42 3%
Hong C 3:45
James S 4:02 Debut
Henry W 4:03
Lawrence O 4:09 Debut
Anne K 4:09
Ellen A 4:13 3%
Sylvana 4:17 Debut
Well done to all of you, great to see so many of you battling to get past the post. Brilliant performances all round and I look forward to September.

Shavaun Henry

The cows were not enough of an obstacle for the elite force of the four BP run clubbers who tackled the 1km course at Mudchute Farm.
It was a great effort as improvements were present as well as a fantastic debut.
Results are below with a percentage of improvement in July.
1. Steve P 3:29 (3%)
2. Hong C 3:34 (2%)
3. Zihaad W 3: 46 Debut
4: Ellen A 4:18 (3%)
Well done, to you all. I look forward to August and hopefully we can aim to improve even more.Keep up the great work.


It was a pleasant summers day with a fab four ready to speed round the 1k course. Ellen and Scott were both making their debuts. The long grass proved to be no obstacle for the canary wharf running enthusiasts.
It was a great result all round 2 personal bests and 2 equalling their pb's, well done.
Results Below
Steve 3:36
Scott 3:49 pb
Anne 4:05
Ellen 4:27 pb
Thank for your great partcipation and we aim to improve on these times in July.

Shavaun henry

Rain did not stop play for the focused trio on the startline,
Not even the sight of the huge cows munching away in the grass could hold them back.
Striding for home and battling in the elements Hong crossed the line in a scintillating form with a personal best on this course, next to follow was Steve striding for home and then Giovanni claiming the final spot.
Well done Guys it was a tough effort but you braved it in fine form.
Times Below
Hong 3:38 pb
Steve 3:44
Giovanni 3:58
Thank you for your participation, enthusiasm and hard work.
Next time we aim for a mass at mudchute on that startline in the joy of the month of june for our 1km time trial.

Shavaun henry

Six different nationalities stood on the mudchute 1km startline ready to kickoff their first 2011 timetrial.
Representing Germany we had the entertainting Anne, next to her we had the England rose Selina to complete the female lineup. For the men we had Kevin our new run club member who has trained consistently since joining standing proud for Goa. Next was Hong our dedicated health & fitness enthusiast from Taiwon, Italy's
new dad at BP Giovanni and to complete and ready to dominate Andrew Von Mayer representing South Africa.
It was a challenge for the super six as they had to endure the
high count of pollen as well as the wealth of oaps visiting the farm that day. Anne had plenty to report back!
First to cross the line in a revised PERSONAL BEST was Andrew
in 3:16. Hot on his heels and doing his best to keep Italy at Bay
was Hong who stormed home for 2nd place. Not far and giving it his all Giovanni came up trumps to take 3rd.
Who would cross the line next it was a tussle between Goa and Germany a real battle with just a second separating them in new PERSONAL BESTS. Kevin just got the edge over Anne. Selina was next in again setting a brilliant PERSONAL BEST.
Times Below
Andrew 3:16
Hong 3:42
Giovanni 3:50
Kevin 4:04
Anne 4:05
Selina 4:13
Well done to everyone who crossed the line. We will aim to improve and revise our times in the next coming months.

Shavaun henry

It was a quiet affair on the time trial a small but super enthusiastic trio turned out to pressure the clock.
It most be mentioned that Anne was suffering from flu and Selina
had been absent from run club sessions for quite a number of weeks.
However they still worked hard and Mr Phillips hurdled over the kids while Anne jumped over in order to get to the finish line.
Steve 3:36
Anne 4:06 ( just a second outside her pb)
Seline 5:30
Well done you three! Lets keep working hard to make May a great month.

Ben Pochee

Congratulations to all those from BP who have made their 1km mark!
We look forward to seeing your times tumble as your fitness improves over the winter.
Please find your timed 1km loop (LGN Drew's Urban edition) details below:
October 13th 2009:
Hong Chuang 3.32
Lyndsey Taylor 3.49
Fiona Burke 4.23
Emily Walton 4.22
Giovanni Visintini 3.39
Henry Wilson 3.49
Chris Fay 3.25
Jordan Cooke 3.13
Tom Crompton 3.26
Steve Morgan 3.34
Elaine 5.08
Ashley Woodward 3.26
Colin Mcenery 3.24
Rich 3.14
Dave Radcliffe 3.09
Charlotte Piller 4.43
Sarah 4.46
Steve2 3.32

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