LGN Run Club's Regents Park 10km course

Thursday, 24th April 2014


LGN Run Club's Regents Park 10km course


LGN provides in-house Run Clubs to clients such as Jones Lang LaSalle, Coca Cola, M&C Saatchi, BP, Investec et al, with such presitgious clients we therefore do not measure with inaccurate GPS, oh no, instead we use calibrated measuring wheels to create our courses and then pay to have them officially measured and accredited by UK Athletics approved organisation AIMS.

Like bobsleigh champs doing their pre race track prep LGN realise our runners need to mentally prepapre and thus we are very happy to provide all 10km competitors with a 1980's a-ha video style photo story and old skool map of our Regents Park race course.



 LGN use measuring wheels not GPS to measure our routes


To use this LGN 10km course photo blog info either just have look at following pictures and get a feel for the beautiful course, or get together with running freinds to jog one of the two laps and get that cheeky advantage.

LGN 10km course map (2 loops = 10km)

Here is link to map of LGN 10km course: - www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/400835796/ 

LGN Regents Park 10km photo journey below:


 The tarmac crease line is your 10km start line


 Head straight down the long path until you have this 180 degree turn


 This is the view as you now run up the other side towards the lady with the shopping bags


 After 100m you will turn right at this fork


 You will eventually come to this path junction, run straight ahead to the family group


 Again after 100m you will take the right fork, keeping the water on your right


 Hug the fence and just keep going straight


 You will go straight over this junction 


 Keep going straight ignoring the first right hand turn



But you do take the second right turn option


 Keep going straight, hugging the fence again


 And then get ready for a sharp 180 degree left hand turn


 At the end of the path you will turn left 


 And at then turn right at the junction by the bins


 Your view as you turn right at the bins and head towards the man in the red jumper 


 At the next junction take the hard right turn


 After turning right this will be your view


 And at the end go left and then immediately right into the main Broadwalk path


 Welcome to the Broadwalk, you will now run straight down


 And then take the path on the left just before the pedestrian crossing


 After 200m you take the left path at the junction above


 Keep going straight over the next crossing


 And then right at the monument


Followed by a right with a delightful downhill 


 At the bottom of the hill you simply follow the path left and back up


 This is your view as you turn to head back up the hill


 Turning left at the top of the hill as you approach the Zoo 


 As you approach the monument again turn right by the lady in orange


 Then take the right fork


 And keep hugging the path right and get ready to run alongside London Zoo


 You now run straight down alongside the Zoo (this path has now been enlarged)


 At the end you will prepare to take the 2nd left path option


 This is your view as you take the left turn


 At the end of the path you will have completed you first lap of two - now turn right to start your second lap 


 We wont repeat the entire 2nd loop, but this will be your view as you start it again and prepare for that devilsih 180 left hand degree turn, now repeat the same loop....


...and at end of lap 2 as you arrive back at this junction, you take the left hand turn  



And the left turn gives you a beautiful 200m sprint kick opprtunity to the finish line 



The tree on the left hand side represents the finish line! 


Good luck to all LGN 10km runners and if you are interested in the Run Club training service we provide to Jones Lang LaSalle, Coca Cola, BP, M&C Saatchi et al please see PDF download below or contact info@lgnwellbeing.com 


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