LGN Russell Square 1km Loop

Sunday, 31st May 2009

About as central London as you can get, the Russell Square LGN 1km loop provides a quick endorphin 1km fix for those not wanting to go too far from the office


LGN 1km loops have been located and measured at several key points around London for use primarily by LGN Run Clubs http://www.lgnwellbeing.com/


These LGN 1km loops serve several key purposes:

  1. Provide comparable LGN standard course for all our Run Clubs

  2. Via monthly time trial assist with tangible fitness progress

  3. Offer guide to tempo for people planning fun runs or PB races

  4. Building confidence for those aiming for initial 5km or 10km

  5. Help fan the flames of Inter LGN Run Club banter

We at LGN embrace technology with a cuddly bear lost & found like grip, and indeed for identifying our LGN 1km loops we used internet mapping to find best routes with same start / finish area, however when it came to accurate measurement we laughed in the face of GPS and used trusted measuring techniques for inch perfect accuracy, thus while you will have a route map to provide, rest easy knowing we walked every single 1km loop with a manual measuring wheel to make sure each one LGN 1km loop is indeed exactly 1km.

Have two measuring wheels looked more happy doing what they were born to do?
For those wanting to know where Russell Sqaure is and where the LGn 1km loop starts and finishes please click on mapping link below.


But for those who want to know exact start & finish points please see below for LGN pictorial tour.

Start is North East entrance closest to Russell Square tube station and start line if from leg of Russell Square information sign as you run anti clock-wise.

The LGN 1km loop essentially hugs the internal outer path around Russell Square, this is 545 metres around, and thus 1km requires almost 2 loops

Measurement proof, Russell Square is 545 metres around outer path

Head straight down first long straight and get ready to go right around flower beds

And here are the flower beds, you take the longer righ hand fork route around

Keep going stright following path around outer edge and bearing left at end

Turn again left again around outside path

Keep going straight to original starting point, from start point here you need to do 95% of loop again finishing on same final straight as shown above, just past park bench on right

Next to park bench you will see an X marks the finishing spot - 1km in the bag!

Finish line it in all its glory.

In summary, Russell Square outer path loop is 545 metres long, thus LGN 1km loop is 90m shy of 2 complete loops.

If you want a quieter and local single loop 1km, you are best of using the LGN Regents Park 1km loop - only 10 mins light jog away, please check LGN May 2009 blog for details - http://lgnevents.blogspot.com/2009_05_01_archive.html
So lets lace up and use the loop to either join us with our monthly LGN time trials, or perhaps use it for rep session, do five and get a 5km time or perhaps as a guide to tempo for an upcoming race.


We look forward to hearing your results - please let us know via this blog or indeed via our The LGN Run Club on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=24456264587
Or if you think your company should join the likes of BP, M&C Saatchi & Nike et al and deserves an uber cost effective LGN Run Club, then contact us via info@lgnwellbeing.com for more info.
Happy running from all the team at LGN


Benjamin Noad

1K times for McCann in wintery November. 

Jim: 3-24

Doris: 4-42

Benjamin Noad

CHI rocking the hot sunshine in June to max effect. 

Tracy 4.13

James 4 28

Olly 4.23

Cat 3.39 3.2% improvement 

Benjamin Noad

Fantastic Summer times from CHI & Patners in Russell Square. 

Sam 3.37 debut efort 

Cat  3.46 1.3% improvement 

Tracy 4.02 2.5% improvement 

Neil 4.00 just missing a PB

James 4. 14 13% improvement and massive PB

Benjamin Noad


Matt Radford: 3:27

David Ace: 3:17

Emile Murray: 3:13

Nick Bolton: 3:30

Anna Hancock: 4:47

Michael Hannan: 3:21

Tristan Kay: 3:29

Emily : 4:27

Shaun Ryder: 3:31

Patrick Brennan: 3:51

Benjamin Noad

Check out CHI 1K Runs 

Chris 3.40

Cat 3.49 

Olly 4.03 4% improvement from March - well done 

Neil 3.54

Benjamin Noad

CHI & Partners 1K times:

Tracy 4.12

Olly 4.13

James 4.52


Benjamin Noad

Jim N 3-29 starting 2017 of in style. 


Ben Noad Operations Manager

Last 1K runs of 2016 for CHI. Check out times below.

Olly 4.13

Tyson 4.08

Steve 4.23

Ben Noad Operations Manager

CHI & Partners 1K November runs 

Tracy 4 01 - 0.83% improvement 

Neil 3 43 - 1.33% improvement 

Tyson 3 53 - 3.32% improvement 

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Omnicom aka LGN Inter Advertising Agency 5K champs 1K times below:

Matthew Radford: 4:07

David Ace: 3:18 2.5% improvement 

Jules : 4:12

Rob Feaver: 3:29 = PB 

Nick Bolton: 3:33

Tom Blaza: 3:33

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Omnicom getting used to their new 1K home in Russell Square.

David Ace - 3:23 

Matthew Radford - 3:45

Kate Shipley - 4:00

Rob Feaver - 4:00 

Ben Noad Operations Manager

CHI & Partners coming up with some big improvements in October 

Cat 3.44 0.4% improvement 

Chris 3.36 22.2% improvement 

Alex 3.26

Tracy 4.03

James 4.22 0.4% improvement 

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Check it out CHI & Partners 1K times from September 

Cat 3.45

Neil 3.46 0.4% improvement 

Tracy 4.06

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Looking to retain their LGN Inter-Advertising Agency 5K crown after a 2 year gap. The Omnicom runners took on the Russell Square loop. Check out the times below. 

Patrick Brennan    3:32
Tristan Kay    3:28
Matthew Radford    3:25
Rob Feaver    3:29

Ben Noad Operations Manager

CHI June times. Getting Faster! 

Cat 3.34 0.5% improvement 
Neil 3.47 3.4% improvement 
Tracy 3.59 0.8% improvement (first time under 4mins) 
James 4.23
Elise 4.41
Chris . W 4.38

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Check out CHI and their 1K runs. 

David 3.36
Chris 3.49
Tracy 4.05
Sophie 4.14
James 4.13 - 4.9% improvement 
Tyson 4.01 - 8.3% improvement 

Ben Noad Operations Manager

CHI & Partners conducted their 1K runs around Russell Square in cool temperatures. Check out their times below.

Cat 3-35 2.27% improvement 

Tracy 4-01 2.43% improvement 

Ben Noad Operations Manager

First effort of 2016 from Imogen from McCann. Big improvements to follow

Imogen 5-22

Ben Noad Operations Manager

CHI & Partners returned to Russell Square in Febuary for another crack at the 1K time trials. Check out the results below including some impressive improvements. 

James - 4.26      
Tracy - 4.07 – 6 second improvement, 2.4%
Elise - 4.36
Catrin - 3.40
Tyson - 4.27 – 43 second improvement, 13.9% 

Ben Noad Operations Manager

CHI & Partners conducted their 1K trials to start 2016 of on the right note. Check out the times below. 

Who will be the biggest improver in Feb? 

Bini. 6.09
Sedg 5.26
Sam 4.10
Larry 3.10
Dan 3.40
Neil 3.55
Tracy 4.13
Tyson 5.10

Ben Noad Operations Manager

McCann 1K runs

Giles W 3-59

Shelly J 4-30

Tom W 3-29

Joe K 3-42 New PB Very Impressive 

Ben Noad Operations Manager

McCann 1K runs. 

Some cracking times in June for the McCann crew: 

Giles W 3-56

Casper S 4-15

Joe K 3-54

Imogen 4-39 new PB

Seb 4-25

Roll on Inter Advertising Agency 5K! 

Ben Noad LGN Operations Manager

On a cool March evening super agency McCann conducted their March 1k timed runs with great success.
Results below:
Tom W 3-21 7 second improvement (3.5%)
Renato H 4-22 (debut run)
Giles W 3-47 35 second improvement (13.5%)
Clare S 4-34 (debut run)
Juanjo 3-58 (debut run)
Laura W 4-22 (debut run)
Anna Clarke 4-56 (debut run & welcome return tot he group)
Lucy A 4-32 20 second improvement (6.8%) Looking good pre-wedding.
Imogen 4-42 40 second improvement (13.2%) An excellent improvement and reward for all the hard work put in over the first 3 months of the new year.
Roll on April.

Ben Noad LGN Operations Manager

On a bitterly cold Monday Night 8 runners from McCann performed their first 1K runs of 2015. Times below:
Imogen J 5-25
Jozef 3-48
Tom W 3-28
Lucy 4-59
Giles 4-22
Fanny 5-30
Max 4-02
Ollie B 3-52
We look forward to seeing how they improve in March!

Ben Noad LGN Operations Manager

On a cold Monday Night 2 runners from TBWA braved the lowering temperatures to record the below times.
1) Charlotte Riley 4.24 (PB)
2) Hannah King 4.54
We look forward to seeing if they can beat these times in Feb and put themselves in with a chance of winning a pair of running shoes from Runners Need.

Ben Noad LGN Operations Manager

On a warm but breezy evening Merope completely destroyed her March effort with an impressive 5-22. A staggering 15.4% improvement.
Fingers crossed this will win the April Prize.

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

Edition three of our 1km outing saw 8 runners take to the line with times still tumbling!!! Well done to Duncan who was our biggest improver this month! Also well done to Matus who again lowered the Tangent course record...but beware! Tom is hot on your heels!!!
Cristian Calls 4:35 (newcomer)
Tom Fowssett 3:15 (PB, 4.9% improvement)
Eloise Crawley 4:25
Matus Moravcik 3:13 (Tangent Course Record, 4% improvement)
Nathan Humphreys 4:24 (newcomer)
Zaka Ahmad 3:33
Sarah Scott 5:55 (PB, 4.8% improvement)
Duncan Reid 3:50 (PB, 7.3% improvement)

Ben Noad LGN Operations Manager

On a tempting early spring evening in fading light Merope B put her first marker in the sand for 2014.
In light winds and 14 degrees heat!
Merope B 6:28
Angharad 4-41
We return in April for sub 6 mins & Sun 4 mins!

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

This was the first 1km outing for the club, so was a step into the unknown for most. Solid times set all around and these will serve as the benchmark to beat over the coming months. Well done to Matus who posted the quickest time of the night!
Tom F 3:25
Julie Carney 5:18
Emma Cownley 5:25
Emma Pugsley 5:05
Jess Morgan 6:18
Lydia Mills 6:36
Daniel Askew 4:39
Natalia Kapralova 5:10
Duncan Reid 4:08
Matus Moravcik 3:22
Zaka Ahmad 3:39
Rene S 5:48
Lauren Jones 5:51
Monika Sulik 7:15
Sarah Scott 7:34

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

Tonight was our first chance to see what improvements (if any) are being made with the fitness of the group. I'm happy to say that every runner that had previously posted a 1km time improved on this time tonight. Well done to all and especially well done to Sarah who was the biggest improver within the group, knocking a whopping 1min 21sec off her previous time. Well done also to Monika (knocked 51sec off her previous time) and Emma P (knocked 35sec off previous time) who weren't far behind in the improvement stakes.
Emma Pugsley 4:30 (PB, 11.5% improvement)
Emma Cownley ???? Didn't give me her time
Christian Torruella ???? Didn't give me his time
Eloise Crawley 4:12 (First time)
Sarah Scott 6:13 (PB, 17.8% improvement)
Monika Sulik 6:24 (PB 11.7% improvement)
Matus Moravcik 3:21 (PB & Club Record, 0.5% improvement)
Andrew Goulton 3:25 (First time)
Daniel Askew 4:38 (PB 0.4% improvement)
Steve Grout 3:25 (First time)
Zaka Ahmad 3:32 (PB 3.2% improvement)

Nicola Bryan LGN Trainer

In the baking heat TBWA still looked like a pack of gazelle's bolting around Russel Square...
Carl 3.52, 3.36 is your PB, but you have a 5% improvement on your previous run!
Kelvin 3.11, 3.04 is your PB, but you have a 16% improvement on your previous time!
Rich NEW PB ALERT 3.21, SUPER, 13% improvement!
Lauren 4.49, your PB is 4.36, tough conditions!
Caroline 4.19, your PB is 4.01, tough conditions!
Kara EQUALED your PB 4.15 BOOM!
Jay debut 4.05, WELL DONE!
Tom debut 4.01, SMASHING!

Nicola Bryan LGN Trainer

A New Year brings new energy, new targets and new PB's...
A great start to the 2013 1k loopage with TBWA .
The star of the loop was Lauren, whizzing around taking a whopping 36 seconds off her previous PB... even though she "was not in the mood". Sometimes it is not how good you are on a good day, but how good you can be on a bad day...
Carl 4.05, Sub 4 next time... good work.
Kelvin 3.57, second loop exactly the same, consistent, well done.
Rich 3.52, second loop was quicker, third loop?
Jerome 4.12 First time Fandango, Congratulations.
Lauren 4.36 Wonderful, perfect.
Caroline 4.11, I look forward to the sub 4 loop, yipeeee!
Well done all, roll on March magnificence.

Nicola Bryan LGN Trainer

The 1k Speedsters!
TBWA 1k loop last night... in wet, slightly slippery & dark
conditions... ALL managed a PB... it has been a long time but clearly
worth the wait!
Kara 4.15 (4.28 previous) 5% improvement, BINGO!
Caroline 4.01 (4.14) 5% improvement, ZOOOOOOM!
Carl 3.36 (3.46) 4% improvement, YIPEEE!
Derek 4.10 (4.55) 15% improvement, BANG!
I am over the moon & you should be too!

Nicola Bryan LGN Trainer

What a superb set of results!
Carl new PB 3.46, 3.56 was your previous, 8% improvement! Bingo!
Kelvin new PB 3.04, 3.16 was your previous, 6% improvement! Boom!
Lauren PB 5.12... sub 5 next time fro sure! Whoosh!
Caroline PB 4.14... sub 4 to target! Zooom!
5k hear we come!!!!

Nicola Bryan LGN Trainer

With the Olympic buzz in our ears and the Olympic body envy in our legs...
TBWA go for the 1k loop in JULY 2012...
Queen Kara 4.31 this time... 4.28 PB , I am sure that next month, pre LGN 5k, Kara will be smiling (even more than normal!)
Carl 4.06 this time, 4.06 last time, 3.56PB. Next month Go go go Carl!
Rich 3.43, 3.33 PB, next month 3.23??? Goooooooooo Rich!
New Kid on the Block DEREK, debut 4.55, Well done & welcome!
Well done to all and looking forward to new PB's for all next month!

Nicola Bryan LGN Trainer

Well done to the 1k loopers last night, great efforts in hot, melting and
congested with people conditions!
Lisa, 5% improvement NEW PB 5.17... before your best was 5.33... WooHoo,
holiday hard work pays off?
Cara, 6% improvement NEW PB 4.28... before your best was 4.45... Yipeeeee,
looking great for the 5k, 10k and half marathon goals!
Carl, no PB this time with 4.06 (3.56 is your best), but returning from
illness this is a great effort in uncomfortable conditions, Well done!
Theo whizzed in at 3.50 Hurrah! ( Previous PB was 3.28 16/08/2010!!!!,
3.42 in 2011!)
Miguel debuted in a speedy 3.51, yahooo!
Well done guys and good luck... I hope you win the trainers!

Nicola Bryan LGN Trainer

TBWA ran 3 BRILL PB's for April, yipeeeeeeeeeee!
The Glaswegian gazelle; Cara ran a new PB 4.45, a 10% improvement on last month and not an eyelash out of place doing so! Well done.
The Mancunian Mercedes; Carl put his foot down with a new PB of 3.36, a 2% improvement on last month, fantastic!
The London leopard or is that labrador Kelvin got a 3% improvement on March with a speedy 3.16.
All in all a great day out at the zoo in a fast car.
Well done all.
Nicola x x x

Shaun Dixon LGN Trainer

4 runners, 3 of which were debutants,hit the Russell Square 1k loop and posted some cracking times this month.
We had a massive 2012 improvement from intern James (does he count as a McCann employee...go on then), and some very good first efforts from the remainder of the field.
James- 3.26 taking 42 secs on his Jan time to give him a cracking 17% improvement! Unfortunately the effort, and the spoon of gravy he'd eaten at lunch played havoc with his guts-sending him dashing back to the office following the run. That's really is giving it 110%!
Tom- first run in 2012 and a cracking 4.05 time- only beaten by James this year.
Cat D- New captain and a great 1k debut. 4.10 is only 3 seconds off the womens course record I believe.
Merope- First time Merope has covered the 1k distance in a trial and a great run- finishing in a time of 6.06!
Great Effort!

Nicola Bryan LGN Trainer

TBWA team,
Well done to all the 1k loopers on Monday. Smashing!
The results are as follows... as I said on the night, this is a clean slate all previous PB's are obsolete... the competition is on!
Cheltenham festival has nothing on these galloping gang!
Lisa 5.33 Go Miss Hall Go!
Cara 5.16 Smiling all the way!
Carl 4.02 Great, Next time sub 4 no problem!
Rich 3.33 Fab!
Kelvin 3.22 Super!

Shaun Dixon LGN Trainer

Team McCann hit the Russell Square 1k course at the beginning of Feb to post some cracking 1k times. All the runners made their 1k debuts..I have a feeling we might see some big improvements next month!
James C- 4.08
Tiago 4.30
Dan G- 4.32
Julia B- 5.00

Shaun Dixon LGN Trainer

We only had 1 runner brave the Russell Square Loop this month- and what a performance for a solo run!
Alison D knocked 9 seconds off here previous best to record a time of 4.19. Even though we were convinced her previous best was nearer 5mins and she had the biggest improver title in the bag she had run a 4.28 at the beginning of the summer. This gives her a 3% improvement.
Still it was a great run- It will be interesting to see what she can run when she has a little competition!
So it was
Alison D- 4.19/ 3% improvement.


Despite the wet and blustery conditions in Central London McCann runners produced some excellent performances over the 1k course in Russell Square.
The team is looking in good shape for the 5k race in September and are desperate to wrestle back their crown...watch out people!
Ali- 2.50 (0% improvement)- great run on Top Gear style wet lap.
Kasia- 4.12. Good return for the Russell Square Queen
Paul- 4.56. Great debut- Im predicting a big improvement next month (those asics shoes are his mark my words!)
Hopefully we'll get a dry evening next month.

Nicola Bryan

Well done to TBWA for running well this month... Great show!
Theo, 5% improvement with 3.42, get in!
Andrew, 6% improvement with 3.37, when the bod is 100% recovered from the crash I am expecting sub 3.30 no problem!
Ahmed, 3% improvement with 3.36 woooooohoooooooo!
Rich, 1% improvement with 3.22, BINGO!
Lisa, 6% improvement with 5.37, SUPERB RUNNING LADY!

Nicola Bryan

Also, Kelvin gained a 2% improvement and a PB with 3.17!


McCann runners returned to their old stomping ground for July's 1k time trial, with two runners posting strong times on the Russell Square course.
Please take a bow....
Alistair 2.50 (2% improvement)
Sammy 3.12 (1% improvement)
Both guys are looking in good shape for Septembers 5k.

Ben Noad

The McCann running warriors completed their monthly 1K timed run on Monday March 14th.
On a cool night for running, 8 degrees with a light breeze 6 runners embarked on the challenge of posting a qualifying time to enter the LGN Wellbeing biggest improver monthly challenge. Please see the times below:
Adam: 3mins 44secs (after weeks of extravagant drinking and eating!) But showing excellent consistency.
Alison: 4mins 28sec another PB getting quicker every time
Sam: 3mins 17secs Our new super fast runner. He will be knowing on sub 3mins very soon
Kashia: 4mins 7secs A 2 second PB I believe
Amanda 4mins 18secs A welcome return to Run Club and the group is richer for her presence
Merope 2mins 49secs for 500m. A marker I the sand.
I look forward to seeing some big PB's in April!

Joanne Besser

Just wanted to update August times too as Molly & Kasia have been regularly attending and have shown improvements month on month as well as Ali's wonderful sub 3 mins:
Ali: 3.00
Pete: 3.13
Kasia: 4.16
Molly: 4.19
Allison: 4.17
Well done also to Molly who knocked 5 minutes off her half marathon time on Sunday - what a fantastic achievement!

Ben Pochee

After clinching the Inter Advertising 5km crown last week, some of the McCann team are keen to keep improving - oh yes, Ali and Kasia both taking chunks out of their previous 1km best, with a cracking sub 3min effort from Ali.
Times for 1km loop 22nd September:
Ali: 2:50
Kasia: 4:09
Molly: 4:08
Andrea: 4:09
This compares to the previous times in July:
Ali: 3.03
Kasia: 4.21
Nick: 3.40
Watch this space for more from team McCann.....

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