LGN Wellbeing Treadmill Challenge 2008

Thursday, 11th September 2008

LGN's Inter ad Agency Treadmill Challenge was gallantly won by team DDB London.

Thanks to the suffering of Tom Ellis-Jones and Charlie Holland their DDB team has won the right to own the front row of the LGN Inter Ad Agency 5km start line on September 26th in Regents Park.

The winning times for half a mile at 5% gradient as follows:


  • Men - Tom Ellis-Jones (DDB) 3 mins 0 seconds

  • Women - Charlie Holland (DDB) 4 mins 28 seconds

Tom looks back at his 3 minutes of pain and dreams of more..

The LGN raffle winner and proud recipient of a spendid Nike+ Sportsband was also DDB's very own Charlie Holland.

While the winner of LGN's 'get in the pain box and shut the lid' prize goes to Dave Newman - please see montage below as evidence.

Dave decides to commit early and try to hang on...

As Dave enters the final 60 seconds he calmly reaches out to adjust his tempo (notice Tom savouring every painful stride)

Then decides that perhaps a greater level of adjustment is indeed required (notice Tom starting to get out of harms way)

Followed eventually by the LGN approved recovery position, notice arms held aloft on the floor to aid respiratory recovery - a true professional at work.

LGN would welcome posts or emails from people trying to beat the above times in their own gym... bring it on, coveted LGN t-shirts to anyone faster.

Big thanks to all those who turned up and indeed to the Runners Need staff for all their help.

Now, bring on the Inter Agency 5km, can DDB hang on to their crown or do McCann, OMD et al have something up their sleeves?

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