Running bean & gone?

Tuesday, 20th April 2010


Bean and running gone?

 Cider out - coffee beans in:

While Cider may have been hit hard by last month’s red man-bag of the Chancellor – café society running champs rejoice as their coffee beans remain free of extra taxation.

The bean boost:

Did you know that caffeine has been shown in studies to boost running endurance, sprint reaction times and even aid recovery.

Oh yes the magic bean can combine both latte luxuriating and running splendor in equal measure.


Ye Olde English proof:
For the healthy skeptics amongst you we offer the trusted prose from a research study published in the BMJ:

“The results showed that ingestion of caffeinated coffee: decreases the time taken to run 1500m,  increases the speed of the 'finishing burst' and increases VO2 during the high-intensity 1500m run”. The study concluded that under these laboratory conditions, the ingestion of caffeinated coffee could enhance the performance of sustained high-intensity exercise.
Liquid in – liquid out?

It would also appear that the diuretic nature of caffeine may also have been over stated in the past, they now believe that you can drink a whopping 550mg of coffee before negative hydration may be a problem.

LGN’s top four ‘hit’ parade (see what we did there?)

Drink                       Caffeine hit:

Starbucks latte       150 milligrams

Red Bull                  80 milligrams

Diet Coke               45 milligrams

Lipton's Iced Tea  40 milligrams


A nose for the beans?
For the time poor amongst you, juggling work and lust for running endorphin high, how about skipping the entire 20 minute coffee drinking chore and just getting down to brass tacks and sniffing the caffeine straight? we kid you not, take a pee at this - and for those taken by the ‘Le Whif’ idea, you can buy direct here -

LGN’s top 3 London post race coffee bean café locations:

How about sharing a Mocca Latte with Kate Moss in Primrose Hill after the Regents Park 10km? April 3rd -

Or one could combine cultures by sipping an Americana while admiring the golden tribute to Diana & Dodi in Harrods Egyptian Hall after the British Heart Foundation 10km in Hyde Park on April 14th

Finally how about a riverside coffee hit along with West London’s A40 elite, of yes the Fuller Pride 10 awaits you on April 18th

Happy running & bean hunting from the LGN team!

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