"Working 9 - 5(km) what a way to make a PB.."

Friday, 4th March 2016

Dolly Parton’s lung busting voice sang it and we like to think we at LGN help deliver the ‘9 – 5’ functional lung developing experience.

LGN have been providing corporate in-house running clubs for several years, in direct response to the fact running is the most time efficient form of exercise and our structured LGN sessions can effectively be done from work.

Consistency is our key watchword and enjoying LGN sessions from work often proves to become an inclusive aspect of your working day, as opposed to an additional chore to be done when eventually at home once the domestic to-do list has been ticked.

So while the March frost melts, both British Summertime and the London Marathon get closer, we thought it might be beneficial to provide a few tips to help make your running from within the confines of work and even more obtainable and rewarding.


Less can be more:
Don’t underestimate value of 20 minute run: if time is short a simple 20min can be very effective at gently developing aerobic foundation and helping to build your running routine into fabric of your working life.


Talk aint cheap:
Talk to management: don’t be shy to telling senior colleagues & clients about your running. They will often be quietly impressed and more supportive than imagined, which can help reduce clashing last minute meetings being arranged.


No pool-side rushing:
Take your time: running from work will take a few attempts to get right, so don’t put pressure on first run to be perfect, over time you will find what works best for you.


Plan your fuel:
Aim to preempt energy deficits by evaluating breakfast and preparing healthy desk snacks and learning to eat for the hunger to come, not waiting until already hungry.


Lucky pants?:
Keep the all important emergency spare work and running underwear at the office for the rare occasions when you forget and don’t fancy going ‘Commando’ and ankle naked ala Miami Vice.


One pot of energy:
Although running normally proves to be an energy paradox, a draining day of work and related stress can at times deplete required energy for running, so factor in your day and don’t be afraid to alter training accordingly.


Accept work priority:
It will be normal for work and or meetings to sometimes scupper planned lunchtime run, accept this is as the norm and develop consistency based on this knowledge & build confidence from what you have achieved.


Mix & match:
Encourage other members of team to join you, this can either allow for project discussion on the hoof or reduce opportunity for internal ‘meetings about meetings’ to be arranged at same time.


Finish wanting more:
Crucial that each run should leave you re-energised for work, if lunchtime sessions become too intensive work can suffer which in turn will often mean running rhythm suffers, save these sessions for weekend.


Happy running and good luck from all of us at LGN as you are hopefully able to join the work / run revolution.


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