LGN Square Mile 1km Loop

Monday, 1st November 2010

London's financial Square Mile district, not a part of town renowned for open green spaces, let alone an area big enough for an LGN measured 1km loop.

However, on behalf of our committed RBS Run Club team the LGN trainers tracked down the perfect green 1km location at Weavers Fields and once more unleashed the unnerving accuracy of LGN's measuring wheel.

 Weavers Fields - a green & fertile land as clearly demonstrated...

A selection of LGN's RBS Run Club team members prepare for 1km action

LGN's 1km loops have been located and measured at several key points around London for use primarily by LGN Run Clubs http://www.lgnwellbeing.com/

 LGN 1km loops serve several key purposes:

  1. Provide comparable LGN standard course for all our Run Clubs

  2. Via monthly time trial assist with tangible fitness progress

  3. Offer guide to tempo for people planning fun runs or PB races

  4. Building confidence for those aiming for initial 5km or 10km

  5. Help fan the flames of Inter LGN Run Club banter

We at LGN embrace technology with a cuddly bear lost & found-like grip, and indeed for identifying our LGN 1km loops we used internet mapping to find best routes.

However when it came to accurate measurement we laughed in the face of GPS and used trusted measuring techniques for inch perfect accuracy, thus while you will have a route map below, rest easy knowing we walked every single 1km loop with a manual measuring wheel to make sure each one LGN 1km loop is indeed exactly 1km.

LGN's measuring wheels take time out from work to holiday in the orient

LGN Square Mile 1km Loop at Weavers Fields - Vallance Road E2

Map and LGN 1km route overview available here - http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/gb/london/819128982572819103

LGN trainer and international GB runner Ben Noad measures out the Weavers Field 1km loop. The course is essentially a single loop around the outer edge of the park, exact directions as follows:


At the corner of Vallance Road / Derbyshire Street within the park the LGN 1km begins at the start of the wooden structure

Run straight and prepare for a hard right turn at the end 

And now you turn right, going around the wooden fence-like structure

And this is the view that greets you, run straight & another right turn in approx 200m

Keep going straight and if still in season admire the autumnal leafery


and still you straight, past the wooden seating and through the Weavers Fields signature gates

Straight over the concrete path and get ready in 50m for right turn

At this point you go onto path and get ready to take the right turn around big tree

As you go round the tree make sure to top up from its fantastic oxygen giving properties


Half way aka 500m - over the path and now follow the edge of the football pitch

At the end of the football pitch you are turning right and following the line

Straight over next path and onto another football pitch, keeping bench on your right

 As you run across 2nd pitch you are following the centre line

Now turning right following football line to children's play area


Keep to the visibly worn path and thus turn left around outer edge of play area

Having kept the play area on your left hand side continue to keep edge of park also on your left - 200m remaining!

One final right hand turn and then a 50m kick will see you home to finish 1km


Turning right around the wooden park furniture, 30m remaining..

1,000m! Marked by the tree next to the fence, only 50m from where you started

LGN trainer Ben Noad is very happy with his 1km loop - oh yes, very happy.

Forget your GPS, LGN 1km loops are measured accurately and we like to celebrate with the tools of our trade 


Good luck to all LGN Run Club members who use this 1km loop to measure fitness and running progress, please feel free to add your latest times and feedback in LGN comment box below.

Happy running from all the team at LGN!


Benjamin Noad

Check out MullenLowe's first 1K efforts 

Nicolas.GomezCal: 4:27

Alex Dobson: 4:01

Buster Dover: 3:54

Will Allen-Marsh: 3:24

Shavaun henry

The sun beamed down in on the fantastic five on the startline.
They speed round weavers fielf in the heat in great form.
Times are below
Darren 4:20
Michelle A 4:24
Stephanie R 4:42
Tolli 4:47
Stephanie G 5:04
Thank you all for your fanstic effort in not easy conditions, well done.

Ben Noad

Five RBS runners braved the cold conditions (just above freezing 2 degrees) to post some impressive Personal Bests on December 8th. Ground conditions were mainly firm but and were slippery on the corners. The group managed 4 New PB's
Please see the times below:
John 3mins 47secs (Course Record Holder 3mins 33secs)
Nathalie R 4mins 17secs *11secs improvement* (New Ladies Course Record Holder)
James 3mins 39secs *9secs improvement* (6 secs away from the course record)
Adam 3mins 56secs *11secs improvement* (First time under 4mins)
Mark 4mins 22secs *6 secs improvement*

Ben Noad

Dear RBS Runners,
Please see below target times for Wednesday's 1K Timed run. No pressure just looking to see how you has an individual have progressed (hopefully!) over the course of the Run Club.
John 3mins 28secs
Stephanie R 4mins 38secs
Stephanie G 5mins 04secs
Barnaby 3mins 58secs
May 5mins 50secs
Carolyn 5mins 00secs
Nathalie 4mins 18secs
Stephanie H 5mins 20secs
James 3mins 39secs
Izelle 4mins 58secs
Emma 5mins 30secs
Adam 3mins 56secs
Mark 4mins 16secs
Harriot 4mins 25secs
Darren 4mins 10secs
Looking forward to seeing some new Personal Bests on Wednesday

Ben Noad

On Wednesday November 10th 15 intrepid runners from The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) embarked on their first LGN 1K time trial. Please see Photo above.
The weather was almost perfect for running. A fresh 6 degrees with light winds but a Sun that was shinning brightly. The ground conditions were a little soft but not so soft as to stop our runners.
Despite some initial nerves before the start everyone produced a strong performance. No more so than John you produced a jaw dropping 3mins and 33secs. He will really have his work cut out to improve on that! But I would not bet against him doing it. For the ladies Nathalie produced a superb 4mins 28secs.
Please a list of times below.
John 3mins 33secs
Stephanie R 4mins 47secs
Stephanie G 5mins 16secs
Barnaby 4mins 5secs
May 6mins
Carolyn 5mins 13secs
Nathalie 4mins 28secs
Stephanie H 5mins 32secs
James 3mins 48secs
Izelle 5mins 12secs
Emma 5mins 44secs
Adam 4mins 7secs
Mark 4mins 28secs
Harriot 4mins 39secs
Darren 4mins 21secs
Well done to all the runners and I look forward to seeing these times come down over the next 11 weeks!

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