LGN Run Club 1km times tumble as Inter Advertising 5km looms large

Tuesday, 18th August 2009

LGN Run Clubs are buiding up a beautiful head of steam as the Inter Advertising 5km (10th September 2009) gets closer each day.

The Run Club members at DDB UK, MediaEdge:CIA, McCann and TBWA all squeezed into the hurt box and made significant improvements on their previous LGN 1km times.

A sample of those improvements would include DDB's Rosie who took over half a minute off her previous best, Jenny, Lorraine, Luara and Cormac from MediaEdge:CIA who all ran personal bests this week and Martin & Jack from TBWA who almost broke the magic 3min barrier.

For more info on how to incorporate the LGN 1km loops into your training and build steady progress please see below.

LGN 1km London Loops

Run quicker - run happier
After building a period of gentle running Consistency, the next step is to find an element of running Control and like a painter equipped with canvas & brush, you are now in position to truly make your mark.

To squeeze in yet another weak analogy, it can be said that running progression is the key that unlocks the blooming potential of your aerobic garden. This is especially true for people new to running, tangible progression provides the confidence catalyst to push on and discover what running can truly do for them.

Compare & contrast
Training that is both comparable over time and measured, provides the backbone to running progression, which is running greats tend to regularly come back to train on running tracks. Running tracks are accurately measured (400m) and standardised across the world and as the athletes training locations vary, they can be assured that their sessions can still be compared.

However, many people can find running tracks intimidating places on first inspection, often full of athletes with very serious faces and making even more serious noises.

Due to short length of track, training often requires more than one lap at a time to obtain over 2 minutes of threshold training, this is the all important training zone where a melting pot of your aerobic and anaerobic capacities can be enhanced.

Who said nothing in life is free?!
It was for this critical training reason that LGN begun the philanthropic work of making LGN 1km Loops free to all runners.

The LGN 1km loops are currently across the London area and primarily in or around London’s most beautiful green parks which are rich in the city’s history and soon to be enriched by your running heritage.

To avoid any doubt, we did not to use the delights of GPS equipment to measure our 1km Loops, but instead measured each course personally using a certified measuring wheel, ensuring craftsman-like precision underpins your training session.

But are the LGN 1km Loops for me? – yes.

1km is the perfect distance as one lap efforts provide benefits for all running levels.

  1. For the complete beginner looking to run their first ever 5km, the LGN 1km Loops provide an opportunity to gently build up distance in measured 1km bite sized chunks, until over the forthcoming weeks they realise 5km is very do-able indeed.
  2. For the Personal best (PB) chasing individual, the LGN 1km Loops provide an accurately measured running loop that allows them to find perfect race tempo and ensure come race day they can hold required rhythm.
  3. And for those looking to improve fitness the LGN 1km Loops offer a platform to run repetitions and reap a harvest at the perfect physiological juncture between aerobic and anaerobic needs and slowly push back their lactic threshold. We have included an LGN 1km session at the bottom of the page for your delectation.

Find your LGN 1km Loop below and make it your very own

LGN Canary Wharf 1km:

LGN Russell Square 1km:

LGN Imperial War Museum 1km:

LGN Green Park 1km:

LGN Hyde Park 1km:

LGN Fulham Park 1km:


LGN Regents Park 1km :

Example LGN 1km training session:
For someone looking to race quicker over 5km or 10km aim for once weekly session that begins with 4 repetitions of the 1km Loop with 3 minutes standing recovery

You are aiming to run at 70- 85% of your maximum, staying in control and trying to keep relaxed upper body posture and ensure final rep time is the same as your first.

As per the LGN philosophy remember we want controlled running, not forced and not overtly aggressive, but confidence building control.

Over the next 8 – 12 weeks you will be looking to slowly build up until you can maintain the same pace for 6 x 1km efforts and when this is possible begin to trim the recovery from 3mins down to heady 90 seconds.

By increasing distance and reducing recovery we gently request your physiology to adapt to changing physical demands, put simply, this allows you to run quicker for longer.

Good luck from all of us at LGN, please feel free to use the LGN comment system to let us know what session you did and how you are progressing.

Happy running!


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