LGN Run Club's Battersea Park 1km Loop

Tuesday, 29th May 2012

Welcome to LGN's Battersea Park 1km Loop

LGN's Battersea Park 1km Loop is the latest 1km Loop to be added to our multiple London 1km locations, very LGN route has been personally assessed & measured by an LGN trainer for each of their corporate Run Club clients.

For a full list of LGN 1km London Loops please click - www.lgnwellbeing.com/news/running-loops




LGN 1km Loops serve several purposes:



  1. Provide comparable LGN standard course for all our Run Clubs
  2. Via LGN's monthly time trial assist with tangible fitness progress
  3. Offer guide to tempo for people planning fun runs or PB races
  4. Build confidence for those aiming for initial 5km or 10km
  5. Help fan the flames of Inter LGN Run Club banter


Each of LGN's 1km have been measured using a calibrated surveyors wheel


LGN Battersea Park 1km Loop course map:

Please click link to see location and 1km course map - www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/97715173/

However, for detailed picture blog of the 1km course please see below:



Welcome to Battersea Park, your 1km Loop begins near the running track (top right)


The Battersea 1km Loop begins with the athletics track pictured here behind you


The public map on right of picture is the 1km start point, as you tunr 180 degrees to run the opposite direction


As you turn 180 degrees from public map this is your long straight at start of 1km 


As you run along the initial 1km straight take note of the vibrantly painted red park benches


After appox 350m you will come to band stand round about, you are taking the first left (just visible in pic)


This is the first left from the band stand , get ready after just 75m to take another first left again


And this brown hedge marks your hard left, take it nice wide line to maintain momentum 


After 50m you will run under these trees and approach the Lake pump house 


750m done and here is the Lake pagoda, get ready for a right turn as you turn for the home straight 


Here is your right turn taking you back onto initial starting straight (be aware boy in red may not be there when you run)


When you see this straight again you know yoru 1km is almost over


Instead of stopping at your original start point, you need to turn right for final 50m


And the gate by the red boating hut represents 1km exactky


And just in case you not 100% sure LGN use a surveyors wheel - here is proof of 1,000m excatly!


Happy running from all the team at LGN and we look forward to seeing our Run Club members from TMW have their 1km improvement results posted here very soon.


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Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

The May edition of our run saw 15 bodies make it to the start line with perfect sunny conditions helping them on their way. Of the 15 starters, 5 were posting their first time for the year and 6 made further inroads into their PB times. Special mention definitely has to go to Alex who finally after countless months of replicating his 1km time, has finally managed to lower it to a zippy 3:32...well done Alex...a sub 3:30 is now got to be your target!!!
Well done to Adam on being our biggest improver for this month, knocking a whopping 25sec off his PB. Well done also to Emma H, Clare, Matt and Samantha who also improved their personal bests.
Sefonie Howell 4:55 (equaled PB)
Ash Nolan 4:08 (1st timer)
Emma Hartley 4:36 (PB, 1.1% improvement)
Emma Norman 4:20 (1st timer)
Neil Oakley 4:16
Alex Burley 3:32 (PB, 3.6% improvement)
Clare Trepleton 5:14 (PB, 4.9% improvement)
Matt Vaughan 3:20 (PB, 1.5% improvement)
Marcus Aitman 3:38 (1st time for 2013)
Gareth James 4:01
Samantha Patterson 4:17 (PB, 1.9% improvement)
Ryan Hickling 3:58
Richard 3:43 (2nd run, didnt get time from 1st run)
Adam Knight 3:30 (PB, 10.6% improvement)
Ed Howarth 3:31 (1st timer)

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

Aprils 1km run marked our return to our old course and our first daylight time trial of the year. Eleven bodies made it to the start line with 6 new times set for 2013, two new 2013 PB's set and one PB matched (yet again!!!, better luck next time Alex).
Well done to Matt who knocked 30sec off his previous run this year and to Ryan who was the only other improver this month.
Remember when it comes to the monthly 1km prize, your PB's from last year have been wiped, with only your times from this year now counting. Eleven of you now have a target on which to try and improve next month...consistency, consistency & consistency are key to making monthly improvements, so do try and make it your goal this month of attending our session every week.
This months times:
Ryan 3:57 (2013 PB, 0.5% improvement)
Simone (didn't get your time)
Neil 4:10
Samantha 4:22
Alex 3:40 (matched 2013 PB)
Matt 3:23 (2013 PB, 12.9% improvement)
Dawn 4:48
Clare 5:30
Richard (didn't get your time)
Paul 4:47
Adam 3:55

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

With your 1km PB's being reset for 2013 this was the first opportunity this year at claiming the LGN monthly 1km prize for the biggest improver across all our clubs. Great running by all with 3 new times posted for 2013 and improvements made by all those who had also run our first 2013 1km in Feb.
Big it up for Tom Bruce who was our biggest improver this month (15% improvement), closely followed by Gareth (11.3%) and Neil (11.1%).
This months times:
Tom Bruce 3:18 (2013 PB,15% improvement)
Gareth James 3:55 (2013 PB, 11.3% improvement)
Dawn Jenner 4:47 (1st 2013 run)
Neil Oakley 4:00 (2013 PB, 11.1% improvement)
Millie G-C 4:36 (1st 2013 run)
? Howell 4:55 (1st 2013 run, sorry couldn't read first name)
Dan Burns 4:13 (2013 PB, 3.1% improvement)
Alex Burley 3:40 (2013 PB, 2.7% improvement)

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

Well done guys on your first 1km outing this year and what was a first outing for many of you on this course. Swirling winds made it a difficult night to post fast times, with the water edge course also making it a little on the chilly side.
All previous PBs can now be set aside as we're now going to use this time as your benchmark for the monthly 'biggest improver' prize given across all the LGN clubs. Hopefully the next edition will see big improvements all around.
The times...
Tom B 3:53
Emma H 4:39
Neil O 4:30
Alex B 3:46
Ryan H 3:58
Gareth J 4:25
Dan B 4:21
Matt V 3:53

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

November saw the christening of our new Winter 1km loop! While long straights make for a potentially fast course, it may take a few editions for people to get use to it especially with the dim light down one side.
Everyone arrived in giddy anticipation of the session ahead (or was that dread!). 7 bodies made it to the start line with 3 of those achieving new PB's. Well done to Claire T who was this months biggest improver with a 11sec improvement on her previous best. Well done also to Simone and Marcus who have shaved further seconds off their PB's...welcome Marcus to the 3min club!!!
The times;
Simone 4:08 (PB, 3.5% improvement)
Ryan 4:23
Tim C 3:42
Clare T (PB, 3.6% improvement)
Marcus 3:59 (PB, 0.5% improvement)
Matt (blind as a bat was guided around the course!!!)
Melanie 4:35

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

So closes a chapter on this particular 1km loop as the fading light means it will be now out of action until next spring. A new course will be sought for the winter months so Matt can rest easy with the knowledge that his course record will remain intact until the new year.
Of the 7 bodies who made it to the start line for this edition, 4 improved on their PB while 1 equaled it. Well done to Marcus who was this months biggest improver reducing his PB by a whopping 18 seconds. Well done also to Sarah, Rosy & Marc who also improved their PB.
The times!!!
Sarah 4:13 (New PB, 3.5% improvement)
Rosy 4:01 (New PB, 0.5% improvement)
Matt DNF
Marcus 4:00 (New PB, 7% improvement)
Marc 3:58 (New PB, 0.5% improvement)
Tim 3:35
Alex 3:40 (Equaled his PB)

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

As we edge into autumn this 1km course is near ready to go into winter hibernation as the Battersea gates begin to close earlier...hopefully we'll be able to squeeze in one more run before fading light pushes us on elsewhere.
The lure of the pub and leaving drinks kept numbers low this week but we still managed to post 8 times on the course. In slightly blustery conditions 5 of the 8 runners managed to improve on their PBs, so give yourselves a pat on the back. Big it up for Zuzana, this months biggest improver, who improved her time by a whopping 28sec so reducing her PB by 9.7%!
The times:
Beth 4:25
Sarah 4:22 (PB, 2.6% Improvement)
Ryan 3:59
Tom B 3:13 (PB, 4.9% improvement)
Rosy 4:02 (PB, 6.9% improvement)
Alex 3:40 (PB, 3.5% improvement)
Matt V 3:12
Zuzana 4:22 (PB, 9.7% improvement)

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

14 bodies made it to the line for the 3rd edition of the 1k TT and what a great run it was. On a perfect evening for running 7 new times were posted, 4 pb's were made and the overall course record was broken. Well done to Ryan, Melanie, Matt and Dawn who all made improvements on their previous best. A double well done has to go to Matt who not only improved on his pb but also managed to shave 4 sec off the course record. A total of 27 people have now graced the course and hopefully the majority of you will be back looking for improvements come the September edition.
The times!!!
Marc 3:59
Ryan 3:54 (PB, 4% improvement)
Teresa 4:45
Kate 5:13
Melanie 4:28 (PB, 6% improvement)
Simone ?
Emma 5:02
Kelly 5:01
Alex 3:48
Peter 3:43
Matt 3:09 (PB, 3% improvement) & COURSE RECORD
Dawn 4:43 (PB, 6% improvement)
Marcus 4:24
Zuzana 4:50

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

Wednesday saw our second outing onto the 1km course where we had near perfect conditions for our run. Of the 12 that ran, just 3 of you had previously posted a time so most were nervously stepping into the unknown. Well done everyone on what was an impressive collection of times. Now that almost everyone in the club has had a chance to post a time and now understands the effort required, it will be interesting seeing how the times are next time around in August.
As proof of how consistency in your training does produce results, big it up for Ryan you knocked a whopping 42sec off his time (14.7% improvement). Tim and Marcus, the only other people to have done both runs also made huge improvements of 19sec (8% improvement) and 13sec (4.8% improvement).
And last but not least Tom Wharf has been knocked from his pedestal with Clare Thurgood smashing the record in posting a uber quick time of 3:13! Better luck next time Matthew (3:15)...oh so close this time around.
Marc 3:59
Ellie 4:09
Sarah 4:29
Ryan 4:04 (PB, 14.7% improvement)
Tom Bruce 3:23
Clare Thurgood 3:13
Heidi 4:59
Marcus 4:18 (PB, 4.8% improvement)
Matthew 3:15
Tim 3:26 (PB, 8% improvement)
Dawn 4:59
Rosy 4:20

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

Well done to the 11 brave souls who after a uber long weekend of Jubilee celebrations, christened our Battersea 1km loop last Tuesday (6/6/12). The weather looked determined to make it a messy evening but thankfully the break in the rains coincided perfectly with our run so there will be no Top Gear '(W)' to put by your times.
Congratulations to Tom who is now officially the course record holder, so its up to those who missed out this time to put in a solid months training and try and knock him from his pedestal.
The times!!!
Tom 3:25
Tim 3:45
Ryan 4:46
Beth 4:17
Marcus 4:31
Simone 4:17
Melanie 4:43
Emily 4:21
Katrina 4:40
Clare 5:05

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