LGN Run Club's Kings Cross 1km Loop #3

Monday, 18th February 2013


LGN Run Club's Kings Cross 1km Loop #3 

Kings Cross although not known as the greenest part of London now provides LGN Run Club's with three seperate 1km routes.


Welcome to Bingfield Park 1km running route as used by LGN's OMD International Run Club 


LGN Run Club 1km loops have been located and measured at several key points around London for use primarily by LGN's corporate Run Clubs and they can all be found here - http://www.lgnwellbeing.com/news/running-loops
The LGN Run Club 1km loops serve several key purposes:
  1. Provide comparable LGN standard courses for all our Run Clubs
  2. Assist in providing tangible fitness progress for all LGN Run Club members
  3. Help provide tempo insight for members with forthcoming goal races or PB targets
  4. Help fan the flames of inter LGN Run Club banter



We take our measuring seriously at LGN, a surveyor's wheel has no GPS satellite issues hindering accuracy 


Course map and route location:

Please see link to Map My Run route of course - http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/174347554

Pictoral photo based blog of the 1km course

This 1km loop requires 3.5 laps and starts on the metal drainage grid next to the 'castle'

(please see Map My Run link above for detailed route location) 


Start by running straight down path keeping Castle on your right & basketball court on your left


As you get to the end of initial path get ready to turn left and keep going anti clock-wise


And yes you keep on the one & only path going straight


At this one twp path option you are going to go stright on not taking the hard left


And you now approach the final left hand turn before heading back to start point


And yes here is that final left turn before you arrive at starting point (remeber this route requires more than 3 loops) 

As you arrive back at start point see measured proof above each lap is 279 metres exactly

After completing 3 laps head out on 4th lap with finish point on penultimate path in line with tree closest to line across path 


Good luck with your training, we hope the 1km measured loop can assist your running and if you think your company should join the likes of BP, Coca Cola & M&C Saatchi et al by using an LGN Run Club for employee health please contact us via info@lgnwellbeing.com

Happy running from all the team at LGN.






Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

The June installment of our 1km time trial saw 4 starters on the line with 2 of those looking to set new times for 2013. Of those two, Louise was making her very first outing with the club and posted a very respectable time of 4:26...welcome aboard Louise and hope to see you regularly turning out every Tuesday. Unfortunately no new PB's were posted on the night but Lorenzo and Elinor stay ever consistent by keeping within a few seconds of their elusive pb times.
Elinor 4:24
Louise 4:26
Anke 4:17
Lorenzo 3:32

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

This month saw our 1km TT brought forward by a week due to a special request from our departing club captain who was determined to better his PB before setting off for Australia. Unfortunately he narrowly missed out on that feat by a mere 3secs!!!...hard luck Simon.
Well done to Olly & Molly who graced the 1km course for the first time and to Lorenzo who is still eating into his 1km PB by lowering it by a further 2sec.
Simon Gellibrand 3:31
Olly Cooper 4:25 (1st timer)
Lorenzo Ruggio 3:28 (PB, 1% improvement)
Molly McKenna 5:31 (1st timer)

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

With our course now being officially measured out we can finally say for sure that these are accurate 1km times. The cold weather has kept numbers low for the last couple of weeks, which meant we only had 4 people on the start line for this months edition. With your PB's being reset for 2013, this was the first opportunity to win the LGN monthly 1km prize for biggest improver across all our clubs.
Well done to Lorenzo on being our biggest improver this month (4.5% improvement) and to Elinor and Ron on posting their first 1km times.
This months times;
Elinor Turner 4:18 (1st 2013 time)
Simon Gellibrand 3:28 (2013 PB, 1% improvement)
Ron Bell 4:57 (1st 2013 time)
Lorenzo Ruggio 3:30 (4.5% improvement)

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

April marked our first daylight 1km run of the year with running conditions being pretty good. Four bodies made it to the start line for this months edition. The club welcomed a new face into the fold, so well done Charlie on posting a respectable time on your first outing with the club. Well done also to Ron who was our biggest improver this month knocking 4 seconds off his previous time.
This months times:
Elinor Turner 4:27
Lorenzo Ruggio 3:32
Charlie Temple 5:16
Ron Bell 4:53 (PB, 1.4% improvement)

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