LGN Run Club's Regents Park 1km Loop # 2

Tuesday, 6th November 2012


LGN Run Club's Regents Park 1km Loop #2 

Regents Park is a popular green space, so while we measured its Inner Circle 1km Loop many years ago we at LGN thought it would be a good idea to measure an additional 1km route in the same park.

Welcome to Regents Park and welcome to your LGN 1km running fun


With warm down views like this why run anywhere else? 



LGN Run Club 1km loops have been located and measured at several key points around London for use primarily by LGN's corporate Run Clubs and they can all be found here - http://www.lgnwellbeing.com/news/running-loops
The LGN Run Club 1km loops serve several key purposes:
  1. Provide comparable LGN standard courses for all our Run Clubs
  2. Assist in providing tangible fitness progress for all LGN Run Club members
  3. Help provide tempo insight for members with forthcoming goal races or PB targets
  4. Help fan the flames of inter LGN Run Club banter



We take our measuring seriously at LGN, a surveyor's wheel has no GPS satellite issues hindering accuracy 


Course map and route location:

Please see link to Map My Run route of course - http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/151608941

Pictoral photo based blog of the 1km course

The 1km loop starts in the south east corner of the park, majority of people will access it by walking past iconic fountains

(please see Map My Run link above for detailed route location) 


As you walk past the fountain you will come to path junction & new tarmac in the middle marks start point


From this angle you can see tarmac colour change & just behind sign is a childrens playground


Not strictly relevant, but as we caught a fellow runner mid-stride we thought it worthwhile showing the closest gate entrance


You stand on the new tarmac start point, your 1km is measured anticlock-wise and is a triangular course finishing 59.2m to your left


Lovely straight start to your 1km, but get ready for hard left hand turn in about 150m


Here is your hard right turn, you are now taking the right fork and have only two thirds of your 1km remaining


This image provides little information other than food for thought during session of importance of seasonal ebb & flow.. 


And you have now arrived at final hard turn as you head back to your original start point


The rubbish bin is significant as this is the 900m point, just 100m to go!


The 1km end point is maked by what looks like a tar-based foot print in the path 


As additional reference point the 1km end point is in line with lamp post outside house number 17 on outer circle


Good luck with your training, we hope the 1km measured loop can assist your running and if you think your company should join the likes of BP, Coca Cola & M&C Saatchi et al by using an LGN Run Club for employee health please contact us via info@lgnwellbeing.com

Happy running from all the team at LGN.






James Taylor LGN Trainer

The 1K started with with the green flash of George immediately stamping his authority on the pace at the front. His and the rest of the groups pace was briefly interrupted by a group of tourists on the last corner. However you all still performed highly. Good job.
Federico 4.08 - A personal best and 14 seconds faster than last month. Your flying.
Rob F 3.36 - Another solid and consistent performance even with sore muscles from the previous nights circuits. Great effort.
Rachel R 4.30 A BIG 17 second improvement on last month. Its all coming together. Your looking competent and relaxed in your performance. Well done.
George B. 3.07 - The first of 2015, faster than 2014 and only 2 seconds off your fastest of all time. Lets make 2015 the year you go sub 3 mins. You have the performance in you. Keep at it. Very well done.
Matthew R 3.29 - another consistent fast time, working hard in no mans land. There is more to come, especially if you had others around you. You are a competitor who likes a challenge :-). Keep the good work up.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

Welcome to the 1K efforts in 2015. Leaving this till towards the end of January has enabled you to get some rhythm back into your training and it most definitely shows in these efforts. Well done to seasoned trainers and debut performances alike.
Federico F - 4.22 - Good effort. Keep up the consistency as well as cross training and 2015 will be a successful year of fitness for you.
Ruth O 4.56 - Great opener for 2015 and under the 5 minute mark too. Well done.
Rachael R 4.47 - Getting back into the groove again. Glad to see you in the fold once more. Keep it up.
Imtiaz 4.29 - Good start to 2015. You will be at your best (or faster) within a month of consistent training. More to come.
Anjali 4.55 - Another debut performance under 5 minutes. Fantastic. You will be pushing Ruth all the way in the coming months. Keep up the good work.
Matt R 3.25 - Fast, fit and well rested. Good pace, the leader of the pack and only a second off your best. Where will 2015 take you?
Rob F 3.27 - Good effort. You didn't quite have thee legs on Matt but there is plenty more 1k's for 2015. I think the next few months will be competitive at the front. Well done.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

Generally the group were either maintaining fitness or moving forward with it. Well prepared for the Christmas break. A solid 1k outing in Regents Park.
Ingrid 4.17 - Great performance, getting back to peak fitness. Well done
Rob F 3.20 - A consistently fast performance, one second faster than last month.
Tom B 3.35 - Working hard with a good time, a couple of seconds shy of your previous effort.
Imtiaz 4.06 - A massive 23 seconds improvement. Very well done. If it wasn't for the stop off it could have been even quicker!
Matt R 3.54 - Working hard throughout, not feeling the pace though. Tired legs I fear. A few days quality rest will sort you out I think.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

Ingrid W 4.27 - A much improved performance. The fitness is coming back. Great.
Rob F 3.21 -Working well every time, 3 seconds off your last try. Having done some pacing with you there are a few more seconds to be had with an even pace. Looking good.
Harriet P 4.18- a metronomic performance. Great!
Matt R 3.36 - Looking a little tired out there but still working diligently. Well done.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

A good day at the park performing the 1k efforts. Yet again we had many improvements with some attaining a similar fitness score. The star performance of the group this month is Federico with a huge 29 seconds improvement. Very well done.
Federico 4.15 - A whopping 29 seconds improvement on Decembers time. Outstanding.
Ingrid 4.20 - 7 seconds improvement form the Club Captain.
Xuan 4.41 - A solid opener for 2014.
Ash S 4.31 - 7 seconds improvement on January. Good
Rob F 3.26 - 3 seconds improvement. Getting closer to your best once more.
Kate S 3.54 - Keep up the good work. Just 4 seconds off Januarys time.
Carsten T 3.24 - Another improvement of 1 second from February. Great.
Rachel R 4.21 - Close to 4.18 best. The marathon legs are recovering well.
Matt R 3.29 - 6 seconds improvement on February. Great stuff.
Harriet P 4.17 - Good performance. Just 3 seconds shy of last months time.
Rob B 3.26 - 3 seconds improvement on last month. keep it up.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

August was yet another month in Regents Park where the 1k Time Trial times came down once more. Very competitive efforts. Onwards and upwards. Well done all.
Federico 4.11- A further 4 seconds off your previous fastest in April. Your stronger and faster. Great!
Chris T 4.32 - A solid debut performance. Well done
Anthony M 3.38 - For your first time round the loop you were very competitive with the sharper end of the pace. Excellent.
Rachel R 4.24 - A good consistent performance, getting back to your best.
Ash S 4.27 - A further 4 seconds improvement on Aprils time. Well done and keep it up.
Tom B - 3.25 - 3 second PB and flying round the course looking for a podium position. Now consistent front runner. Great!
Rob F 3.19 - Rob's reaction to a challenge for top spot for the 1k was to set a 2014 best by 6 seconds. Awesome.
Tom N 4.01 - A very impressive debut time. Sub 4 mins beckons.
Mikel K 3.23 - A super competitive effort, 20 second improvement on last month, with a strong start, almost holding out for top spot. Well done.
Matt R 3.25 - 1 second PB and now a regular at setting fast times at the front. Are you peaking for the 5k? We shall see...

James Taylor LGN Trainer

Congratulations on a hot hot hot 1k Time Trial. Sterling performances by all.
Kate S 3.52 - Back on a familiar circuit and close to your best.
Rob F 3.25 - Come rain or shine MR Consistent. Cracking the 3.20 mark will come. Have patience, your looking good out there.
Michael K 3.43 - A great debut 1K. Two weeks into the group training and your looking right at home.
Matt J 3.30 - Another great first outing at 1K. Already working at the sharp end of the group. Imrovements will come. Keep it up.
Rachel R 4.33 - Good even pace effort in the heat. Keep at it.
Harriet 4.16 - 2 seconds off your best. Another consistent performer.
Matt R 3.30 - Equalling your previous time round this course and not too far off your best for 2014. Rob just had the legs on you in the final straight. Solid performance.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

The group had solid performances, consistently performing well.
Kate S - 3.50 - One second quicker than your previous effort, equaling Januarys best. Good. Keep it up.
Tom B - 3.38 - 3 seconds improvement. Great stuff.
Rob B - 3.33 - Consistant performer. Only a few seconds off your best.
Rachel R - 4.21 - 3 seconds of your best. The legs are getting back their speed.
George B - 3.11 Another fast performance, one second shy of this years best.
Harriet P - 4.16 - Good performance. Close to your best.

Karl Twomey LGN Trainer

On an uninviting evening 10 bodies braved the heavy showers and decamped to our new 1km home in Regents Park. After getting a soaking enroute to the course the heavy cloud cleared and gave us far better conditions for our run. 3 new times were set tonight and 3 pbs were broken. Well done to Rob on a really impressive debut time. Big it up for Tom who was our biggest improver of the night knocking 12sec off his previous best. Finally well done also to Matus who knocked a further 4sec off his pb and club record.
Sarah Scott 6:08
Tom Fawssett 3:20 (PB, 5.7% improvement)
Christian Torruella 5:32 (newcomer)
Emma Cownley 5:16 (PB, 2.8% improvement)
Ashley Firth 3:30 (newcomer)
Andrew Goulton 3:36
Rob Clements 3:22 (newcomer)
Matus Moravich 3:09 (PB, club record, 2.1% improvement)
Daniel Askew 5:04

James Taylor LGN Trainer

Many congratulations to the group this month. All who took part improved apart from one equaling and a debut performance. Very well done.
Rob B 3.29 - equaling last months performance.
Rich W 3.31 - A storming 39 second improvement from last month
Tom B 3.41 - 8 seconds improvement from January
Harriet 4.14 - 10 seconds improvement from last month and a PB!
Rachel R - 4.12 - 6 seconds improvement from last month
Moli K 3.25 - A flying first effort on the course

James Taylor LGN Trainer

Whilst the lads showed the most competitive spirit duelling it out round the whole circuit, I think the ladies have it in terms of most improved. Well done to you all:
Jennie C 4.46 - A whopping 39 second improvement on January. A most superb performance.
Rob B 3.29 - A PB and a solid 2 seconds improvement on January.
Ingrid W 4.27 24 seconds improvement on January. Getting back to fitness once more. Well done.
Carsten T 3.25 - 12 seconds improvement on january. I'm loving the competitive spirit. Well done.
Rich W 4.10 A solid opener for 2014
George B 3.10 - Leading the group home in a good first time for 2014. Sub 3 next?
Rachel R- 4.18 - 21 seconds improvement on January. Structured training is paying big dividends to your fitness. Well done.
Rob F 3.26 - 3 seconds improvement on January. It is getting very close and competitive at the front. Well done.
Matt R 3.35 - After a lay off your now getting closer to your best of 2013. Steady progress will reap rewards.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

In cool conditions the group worked hard and were rewarded with some very impressive group times.
Jennie C - 5.25 - Not on top form and nursing an injury this was a good opener for 2014.
Rob B - 3.31- A PB 13 second improvement on 2013 time and a PB. Well done
Kate S - 3.50 - A very competent sub 4 min run from Kate. Keep it up.
Ashleigh - 4.38 A good start to 2014.
Ingrid - 4.51 Not on top form but on the up, a brave effort here.
Rob F - 3.29 Well done on 6 seconds improvement on the last 1k effort. Keep it up
Tom B - 3.49 Good effort Tom. Keep it up. I believe there is more to come for 2014.
Harriet - 4.24 A good performance which I think may have suppressed you. Only 3 seconds off your best. Keep it up.
Rachel T - 3.51 - Fantastic P.B. Squeezing in both running and cycling is really paying off on your fitness. There is more to come in 2014.
Rachel R - 4.39 A good opener for 2014. With a race keeping you focused you will go much further. Well done.

James Taylor LGN Trainer

And so to the last 1k time trial of 2013. What a corker it was. Following a sensible start the group was well packed together, however with the finish in sight, both Matt R and James S extended the lead and duelled it out for the line. Fantastic!
Matt R 3.29 A 16 second improvement on your PB. Well done. Following a mild taper after some very consistent training runs and rides the natural speed is starting to show.
James S 3.30 - A fantastic debut performance. Looking forward to seeing more pushing the limit performances.
Rob F 3.35 - Another solid and consistent performance, just 15 seconds shy of your p.b.
Rob B 3.44 - Another great debut performance here, inspired by those around you. Well done.
Fredrico 4.44 - Good effort and commitment following a lay off from training. With a couple of months consistency, 2014 will be great year for you.

Callum Martin LGN Trainer

One week after another successful victory by Omnicom at the Inter Advertising 5k event the thoughts of 2014 were already in some minds! What better way to check in on your fitness than a 1k time trial?
The weather conditions were just about perfect on Wednesday 11th September 2013 and once the shock of a time trial being on the run club menu for the day the group were led through a warm up to get ready for the 1000 metres of lactic inducing form challenging running. Negative thoughts were thrown aside and everyone rose to the challenge to do their best effort for the day over 1k.
Well done to all the first timers (7 debut runners)and to the new personal bests from Kate S, George B, Tom G and Tom B (all regular run club members). Kate S equalled the Omnicom women's course record in 3:42 and Tom G broke his men's course record with a incredible 2:47!
Full results below
Ruth O 4:34 (debut run)
Harriet P 4:21 (debut run)
Jennie C 4:30 (debut run)
Sam B 3:04 (debut run)
Lucy M 3:46 (debut run)
Harley S 3:10 (debut run)
John T 2:57 (debut run)
Ingrid W 4:00 (good run sitting on the 4' barrier)
Fabia T 3:48 (still fast despite her recent cold!)
Tom B 3:37 (new p.b. with 1% improvement)
George B 3:01 (new p.b. with 2.2% improvement)
Kate S 3:42 (new p.b. 2.6% improvement and equal
ladies course record)
Tom G 2:47 (new p.b. by 1.8% and new men's course
Excellent results from all and tremendous potential shown from debut runners and regulars. Look forward to seeing further improvements and barriers being broken in the coming months.

Callum Martin LGN Trainer

After a 5 month break the time trials have returned at Omni Com Sweat/Run Club. Wednesday the 17th April was a Spring day although a bit windy. However that did not stop people from giving their best effort over the lactic enducing 1km distance.
A new course record for the men from Tom G in an incredibly fast 2:50. Also a new female course record from Fabia T on her debut run with a superb 3:42. Rachel T shaved 2" of here recorded p.b and Matt R a massive 12" improvement on his previous outing. George B 3 days after completing his first marathon in Paris somehow managed to run a fast 3:13 time trial which is only 8" off his p.b. Well done to Kate, Anjali and Michael for setting a benchmark on their debut time trial too. Finally Rob F ran a respectable 3:35 and looks set to drop to sub 3:30 again.
Results are below
Fabia T 3:42 (debut run and new female course record)
Anjali R 4:54 (debut run)
Kate S 3:48 (debut run)
Michael B 3:52 (debut run)
Rachel T 3:56 (new p.b. by 2")
Matt R 3:45 (new p.b with 5.10% improvement)
Tom G 2:50 (new p.b. by 6.10% and new
mens's course record)
George B 3:13 (only 8" slower than p.b.)
Rob F 3:35 (only 15" slower than p.b.)
Well done to everyone. Promising to be another record breaking year from the people at Omni Com!

Callum Martin LGN Trainer

On Wednesday the 28th November, 2012,a hardy group from Omni Com braved the winter weather to try out the latest 1km loop within Regents Park.
Three long straight, two tight corners and an almost flat path are the main features of the route. Tom G stormed off at an incredible speed and somehow just kept going to record a very impressive time just over 3 minutes!
New to the group is Matt R and he recorded a very impressive sub 4 minutes on his debut run. A massive 10% improvement from Matt W shows that he continues to reap the benefit of being more active (he already had an 8.6% improvement earlier in the year).
The remainder of the group was within seconds of their best times so great results overall. Well done everyone!
Results are as follows
Ingrid W 4:05
Fred B 3:37
Matt W 4:27 (new P.B. by 10%)
Tom G 3:01 (debut run)
Rob F 3:30
Matt R 3:57 (debut run)

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