LGN Run Club's Tower Bridge 1km Loop

Wednesday, 15th January 2014



LGN Run Club's Tower Bridge 1km Loop 

Designed initially for our LGN in-house corporate club at Mercer, this 1km loop is flat & swift.


Welcome to our Tower Bridge 1km running route as used by our LGN's Mercer Run Club 


LGN Run Club 1km loops have been located and measured at several key points around London for use primarily by LGN's corporate Run Clubs and they can all be found here - http://www.lgnwellbeing.com/news/running-loops
The LGN Run Club 1km loops serve several key purposes:
  1. Provide comparable LGN standard courses for all our Run Clubs
  2. Assist in providing tangible fitness progress for all LGN Run Club members
  3. Help provide tempo insight for members with forthcoming goal races or PB targets
  4. Help fan the flames of inter LGN Run Club banter



We take our measuring seriously at LGN, a surveyor's wheel has no GPS satellite issues hindering accuracy 


Course map and route location:

Please see link to Map My Run route of course - http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/366235777

Pictoral photo based blog of the 1km course

Welcome to Shadwell Basin with the Shard as your navigational cue


This 1km loop is an out & back course along Shadwell Basin and the man-hole cover above is the start point!

(Vaughan Way E1 is the bridge over the canal but please see Map My Run link above for detailed route location) 


Here is your man-hole cover 1km start & this is your view as you set off 


You are just running straight ahead for nearly 250m at the start


And after approx 250m you follow left hand bend (only option!)


As you turn the bend you now have 150m straight before following canal to the right

You have covered 400m as you turn right & are just 100m away from turning back point


Almost at the turn point... you are looking for third metal fence post in between the two weirs you can see in the canal 

The third metal post between the weirs is your 500m turn point (indentifiable by red trim on house behind it)

And now you turn on the spot and run back the exact same 500m 


 As you fly back please remember the double rule of no swimming or leaving dog poo...

And when you see the Shard you know you have less than 250m to go

And welcome back to your man-hole cover finishing point - 1,000m exactly!


Good luck with your training and if your company could benefit like our client's at Mercer, BP, Coca Cola & M&C Saatchi et al by using an LGN Run Club for employee health please contact us via info@lgnwellbeing.com


Happy running from all the team at LGN.







Benjamin Noad

Mercer 1K times in September. Check them out. 


Abby 3.50 

Jess 3.49* 

Ang 4.09 * 

Louisa 3.31* 

Eddy 3.44* 

George 3.17 

Pauline 4.05* 

Ben 3.15 

Benjamin Noad

Check out Mercer 1K times from October 

Kelly 4.10

Sam 3.09

John 3.37

Jon C 3.13

George 3.11

Gabby 4.51

Jan 5.04

Fiona 4.39

Deborah 5.00

Jack 3.07 6.5% improvement 

Jon 3.19 5.2% improvement 

Benjamin Noad

Mercer rocking Shadwell basin 1K's 

Darja 4.18 0.8% improvement 

Sunny 4.05

Adam 3.51 4.15% improvement 

Jack 3.20

Luke 3.27

Benjamin Noad

Mercer rocking the hot sunshine to good effect. 

Kelly 4.10

Sonny 4.03

Sam 3.06 = best time 

Darja 4.20 1.67% improvement 

Jan 5.03

Laureen 4.16

Fiona 4.33

Adam 4.01

Benjamin Noad

Some cracking times from the Mercer crew in May 

Fiona 4 28

Jon 3.30

Deborah 4 56 2.0% improvement 

Abby 4.22

Darja 4.24

Rach 4. 11

Sonny 3.55 6.4% 

Roeanna 3 58 4.0% improvement 

Sam 3.06

Jack 3 08

Matt 2 55

Benjamin Noad

Mercer rocking the 1K loop. 

Jan 4.57

Fiona 4.18 - 0.8% improvement 

Roeanna 4.07

John 3.23 1.0% improvement 

George 3.13

Sam 3.03 3.2% improvement. 

Nick 3 03

Matt 2.52

Sunny 4.11

Roeanne 4.08

Darja 4.20

Benjamin Noad

Sam 3.09

Kelly 4.14

Deborah 5.02

Jan 5.06

Fionia 4.20

Hannah 4.24

Gabby 5.10

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Last 1K runs of 2016 for Mercer Running group. Check out below. 

Rachel 4.06 - 

Hannah 4.15 - 0.5% improvement from October 

John 3.25

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Check out Mercer 1K runs in November.

Fiona 4. 18

Jan 5. 00


Ben Noad Operations Manager

Strong times in October along Shadwell Thames. 

Fiona 4.17 0.8% improvement 4mins is not far a away. 

Jan 5.00 3.5% improvement 

Oli 3.21

John 3.22

Hannah - 4.16 0.4% improvement 

Paul D - 3.23 

Marc - 3.27 3.3% improvement 

Paul - 3.37

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Check out some super fast times from the Mercer crew in September. 

John 3.18 4.5% improvement from May

Shailan 3.13 3.1 % improvement from May 

Hannah 4.17 so close to a new PB (2 secs) 

Paul 3.22 2% improvement 

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Mercer June 1K times check them out. 

Gabby 4.57 8.9% improvement from 5-26 excellent run. 
Hannah 4.15
Ed 2.54
Tony 3.38
Louise 5.16
Fiona 4.19 1.5% improvement 
John 4.23
Nick 3.11
Jack 3.07
Deborah 4.53

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Mercer 1K times from May. Check them out. 

Jan 5 11
Gabby 5.26
ramanjeet 4.57
John 3.27 - 2.4% improvement 
Paul 3.26 - 7.8% improvement 
Kelly 4.07 - 0.8% improvement 
Mark 3.34
Shailan - 3.19
Aleck - 3.16

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Bermondsey Street Runners did their 1K runs in unseasonably cold conditions in April. check out their debut times below. 

James Toseland 3:12

David Tyler 3:21

David Plunkett 3:25

Aurelie 4:18

Fran James 5:22

Sarah Neville 6:04

Ben Noad Operations Manager

In very Cool temperatures Mercer headed down to Shadwell Basin to run their March 1K time trials. 

Indira 3-55 5.62% improvement 

Emily 4-17 6.55% improvement 

Fiona 4-23 5.05% improvement 

Gabriella 5-00 1.96% improvement 

Paul 3-43 0.45% improvement 

Adam 4-16 2.29% improvement 

Jasmine 4-55 0.20% improvement 

Mark 3-33 1.84% improvement 

Great improvements just in time for the Mercer 5K in Hyde Park. 

Ben Noad Operations Manager

The Mercer Running Club returned to Shadwell Basin in big numbers to complete their February 1K time trials. Check out the times and improvers below. 

Debby 4.42   4 second improvement, 1.4%

Jasmine 4.56 

Ben - 4.13
Kelly 4.12
Abby 4.25 6 second improvement, 2.2%
John - 3.32
Jordan 3.09
Mark 3.37
Dev 3.18 11second improvement, 5.3%
Ian 3.45
Aleck - 2.59 8 second improvement, 4.3%
Sam 3.07 5 second improvement, 2.6%
Jean - 3.03

Ben Noad Operations Manager

Cracking early 2016 turn out and times posted by the Mercer running club. Check them out below.

But who will be the biggest improver in Feb? 

Aleck 3.07
Sam 3.12
Tom 3.19
Dev 3.29
Paul 3.44
David 4.01
Hannah 4.14
Fiona 4.37
Abby 4.31
Debby 446
Gabriella 5.06
Kelly 4.09
Becca  4.10
Matthew 2.41

Ben Noad LGN Operations Manager

In what can only be described as an Indian summer Mercer conducted their September time trials. Results below:
Vanda Cocaco 500m 2.40 a 1 second PB showing great consistency.
Shona Watson 4.04, 10 second PB & 3.9% improvement
John Nolan 3.52, 4 second PB & 1.7% improvement
Sam Eida 3.15, 9 second PB & 4.4% improvement
Tom Borrill 3.47, First time and already sub 4 mins
Adam Tidey 3.57, 8 second PB and 1st time under 4mins, 3.3% improvement
Indira S 4.06, first time and almost already under the magic 4mins barrier.
Hannah Clarkson 4.27, 7 second PB & 2.6% improvement.

Ben Noad LGN Operations Manager

Results below:
Vanda Cocaco (500m) 2.47 just missing her best
Louise Coussens (500m) 2.23 first time 500m
Laureen Okane 4.04 (first timer)
Sam Eida (first timer) 3.24
Sylvia Li (first timer) 4.38
Adam Tidey 4.05 6.9% improvement
Gareth Anderson 3.14 (mercer record by 3 seconds) & 6.3% improvement
John Nolan 4.01 just missed your best
Shona Watson 4.14 9.9% improvement a cracking run.
LGN Team

Ben Noad LGN Operations Manager

In very hot conditions the Mercer Let's Get Active team conducted their latest time trials. Results below:
1. Gareth Anderson (New PB) 3.27 - 3.7% improvement
2. Katie Potter (New PB) 3.55 - 4.5% improvement
3. Adam Tidey (first time) 4.19
4. Jenny Doyle (New PB) 4.29 - 1.1% improvement
5. Lucy (first time) 4.37
6. John Nolan ( = PB) 3.56
7. Ruth Edmunds (first time) 4.57
8. Hannah Clarkson (first time) 4.34
9. Shona Watson (first time) 4.42
10. Steve (first time) 3.38
11. Jan Steed 2.07 (first time running 500m)
12. Fiona Dunshire 2.46 (first time (500m)
13. Akash Rooprai 3.18 (New PB) 12.8% improvement *Biggest Improver from Mercer* this month.
Well done for everyone who scored a PB, ran for the first time & completed course this week.
LGN Wellbeing Training Team.

Ben Noad LGN Operations Manager

Another month and another chance to win a pair of running shoes at our partners Runners Need. Results below:
Ramanjeet Chaan 3.02
Vanda 2-41 1.2% improvement Maybe 1K next time?
Siobhan 4-09 a good first effort
Akash Rooprai 3.35 5.3% improvement knocking 12 seconds from his previous effort.
Ian Pegg 3.30 3.7% improvement
John Nolan 3.56 First Time and already under 4.
Katie Potter 4.06 a huge 11.8% improvement from one of the most dedicated members of the group. Sun 4 next time?
Louise Coussens 4.47 The biggest improver from Mercer this month with a 15.6% improvement.
Roisin McVeigh 4.42 First time.
Jake N 3-12 & New Course record How long until the first sub 3?
Jean de K 3-23 First time
John E 4-35 1 second improvement
Jackie T 4-41 despite having to tie her laces at half way!

Ben Noad LGN Operations Manager

One month on from their last efforts at the Tower Bridge 1K/500m loop the Mercer Let's Get Active tackled the distance again some for the first time and others looking to lower their previous best. Results below:
Kim Cooper 2-46 (7.8% improvement)
Vana 2-43 (17.6% improvement)
Jan Steed 4-55 (10.6% improvement) a massive 35 second improvement
Ian 3-38 first effort & just missing the course record
Akash 3-47 a very fine first effort.
Laura Lupson 3.52
Jackie Thomerson 4.29
John Elmore-Jones 4.36
Ramnajeet Chana 5.02 (12.2% improvement)
LGN Welbeing team

Ben Noad LGN Operations Manager

New "Let's Get Active' group at Mercer performed their March Time Trials over a Tuesday Lunch time & Thursday evening. Conditions were cool with light winds:
Gareth Anderson: 3.35
Katie Potter 4.39
Jan Steed 5.30
Ramanjeet Chana 5.44
Louise Coussens 5.40
Jess Churchward 5.05
Jenny D 4.32
Kim Cooper 3.00
Ann Davis 3.00
Baljit Bassi 3.05
Vana C 3.18
The runners will be back in April to try and beat these times and win a brand new pair of shoes.
LGN Wellbeing Training Team.

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