Vizeum snaffle LGN Run Club's June 1km prize

Thursday, 14th July 2011

 Vizeum 'Sweat Club' member claims LGN's June 1km Asics prize

The LGN team heartily salute Ben from Vizeum for his winning June 1km % improvement - and therefore this month it was his turn to benefit from the LGN's lactic love prize of Asics expert biomechancial analysis and free Asics shoes.

Please see brief photo blog below of Ben's adventure into biomechanical & running passion.   

The Asics flagship store on Argyle Street played host to LGN's June 1km prize winner Ben from Vizeum



To assess the correct running shoe Ben was put through his paces both on treadmill with Dartfish analysis software


And Ben then also enjoyed the benefits of the only 3D foot scanning service in the UK 


The 3D foot scanner provides precise measurements for each foot to aid gait analysis & ensures 10 toes etc


With September's Inter Advertising 5km top of mind Ben sings the Chariots of Fire theme tune and pushes for glory


Eventually Asics technical rep Robbie has to hold Ben's foot to the floor to prevent more Chariots of Fire action..


Ben (with Asics Robbie left) hoists aloft his prescribed Asics 3030 stability shoe with all improtant full length foot cradle


Big congratulations to Ben once more for his superb June 1km % improvement victory and many thanks once again to the team from the Asics store for all their help.

The burning question now is which LGN Run Club will produce the July 1km winner prior to the Inter Advertising 5km....? 

For more info about the Inter Advertising 5km on September 8th please see link below:




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