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Thursday, 1st March 2012

LGN Run Club injury prevention top tips

Welcome to LGN Run Club's top line advice on dealing with running related injuries, our goal at LGN is to ensure all Run Club members enjoy every running stride, so nipping injuries in the bud is of paramount importance to all the LGN team.


LGN mantra - 'niggles are acceptable but injuries are not'
When coming back to running or cranking up your training niggling aches are common and accepted aspects of physical progression, often they indicate a natural phase of development as your body begins to adapt to enhanced activity levels.
However, the key is managing the training over-load so at no point does a niggle develop into an injury that stops you from running.  
LGN injury prevention top 5 tips:
  1. Establish quarterly 'MOT' appointments with trusted (see below) Physio / Osteo
  2. Commence simple routine of injury prevention re-hab as prescribed by Physio / Osteo
  3. Install and do not deviate from scheduled training programme recovery days
  4. Listen to your body for subtle changes when mild discomfort develops into pain
  5. Quality sleep and nutrition are pivotal to repair process, actively plan to improve both. 


LGN injury management:
  1. If injury area is inflamed, employ effective R.I.C.E - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation 
  2. Should discomfort increase over 24 hour period arrange sports therapist diagnosis
  3. Within 24 hours continue with regular 20 minute ice treatments to reduce inflammation
  4. After 48 hours switch to hot & cold treatment (5min ice + 5mins warm water x 2)
  5. Continue with sports therapist re-hab exercises even when symptoms have cleared 


LGN's trusted healing hands


LGN sports therapist recommendations: 
Excellent Physiotherapists and Osteopaths are as rare as hen’s teeth and after many years of seeing various ‘experts’ the LGN team now only recommends two London based clinics run by Ciaran McCoole and Gavin Burt respectively.
  • Backs & Beyond (Gavin Burt - Osteopath) 
Gavin is a leading running specialist Osteopath, having worked for the London Marathon and with elite athletes such as Paula Radcliffe, a keen marathon runner himself, his clinic is 10minutes from Camden Town – Tel 0207 482 4422 / www.backsandbeyond.co.uk/  
  • Injury Rehab (Ciaran McCoole - Physiotherapist)  
A truly unique LGN partner, Ciaran is one of London’s leading physiotherapists and has a client list Hello! magazine would be proud of, his clinic is on Abbey Road 5mins walk from St John’s Wood Tube – Tel 0207 266 2368 / www.injuryrehab.co.uk/

As per LGN’s other partners there is no fiscal kick back for LGN to recommend them, we simply want our Run Club members to receive the best advice and be able to resume their running asap.  

Physiotherapy or Osteopathy?
In an ideal word Osteopaths and Physiotherapists would work together to solve an injury problem, as an example Paula Radcliffe will travel with a set of both experts on her training camps, fundamentally an Osteopath is concerned with your skeletal structure and how it is holding your muscles, while a Physiotherapist will focus predominately on the muscles themselves.
So if your injury feels like a specific pain in ‘soft’ part of your body LGN recommend you initially see a Physiotherapist and if the discomfort is over a broader area or a joint see an Osteopath – but their skills should always overlap & Ciaran & Gavin know each other now via LGN so can cross reference when required.
When making an appointment inform them your LGN Run Club team sent you, all LGN trainers work closely with both clinics so it will allow us to incorporate rehab work into the Run Club sessions. 



Happy injury free running from all the team at LGN!


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