Why LGN?

Established on the principles of its founder Ben Pochee, LGN Wellbeing was created to provide the definitive source of training excellence and trusted advice to those who previously thought running was for other people.

Bringing together international athletic passion, sport science insight and blue chip experience, the founding director ensured LGN’s coaching staff had the combined skills to deliver unprecedented in-house wellbeing support.

Benefits to the Employer

Want, need, love

LGN offers a unique service your staff want, your wellbeing package needs and at a price your Finance Director loves.   

Reduced employee turnover

The cost of replacing one staff member is estimated at that employee’s yearly salary. At LGN we believe in simple solutions. Keeping staff happy is the way to keep them, full stop.

Increase perceived value

Traditional company perks or benefits are often hidden within paychecks or tax breaks and rarely seen by staff. LGN sends a clear message to staff about their value to the company and can be cost effectively offered to all.

Benefits to the Individual


LGN personal trainers provide a rare combination of academic excellence and running passion, coupled often with international running pedigree, these are not trainers you are ever likely to meet in your gym.

Empathy & Results

Running empathy is pivotal to what LGN stands for, our unique training philosophy was developed to ensure our training is not about short term fad fitness, but instead a progressive running journey ensuring running can be a fitness gift for life.


LGN can offer your staff the support they need in-house via our partnership network, from leading running brand Brooks, endorsed physiotherapist services and retail specialist Runners Need. 


Why using LGN can improve your productivity in the workplace and how the research backs it up.


We already work with a number of large corporate organisations and businesses, have a look at our current clients.