The importance of employee fitness has been emphatically
demonstrated by robust research in recent years.

Energy work paradox 

The American College of Sports Medicine emphatically demonstrated in 2005 that employees scores for managing time & productivity were increased on exercise days, while conversely scores for required sick days were reduced.

Sweat out the great ideas

In 2006 a research study recruited subjects to partcipate in the 'Torrence Test of Creative Thinking'. The results supported the hypothese that creative potential is greater upon completion of aerobic exercise and may explain why leading creative advertising agencies such as A&E DDB, M&C Saatchi, McCann and TBWA are long term LGN clients.  

Enough to stress the Finance Director

Cost of stress related illness to UK industry estimated annually at £26 billion (Royal College of Nursing) and the Institute of Personnel & Development calculated the average cost of sickness and absenteeism at £750 per employee per year.

Healthy investment

A study set up by the WELCOA institute argued that 70% of the entire burden of illness and associated cost to industry is preventable via leveraging employee health initiatives. Additionally Johnson & Johnson developed the 'Live for Life' internal fitness programme for employees, the scheme cost £100 - £150 per employee and yet calculated it saved over £200 per employee.


Your employees fall ill and it erodes your company profit margin.
Keep your employees running happy and it could also put a smile on your bottom line.

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