LGN Run Club's Ravenscourt Park 1km Loop

Thursday, 1st March 2012

Welcome to LGN's Ravenscourt Park 1km Loop



LGN Run Club's 1km loops have been located and measured at several key points around London:

The LGN 1km Loops are used primarily by LGN's corporate Run Clubs http://www.lgnwellbeing.com but we welcome feedabck from all runners.
LGN 1km loops serve several key purposes:
  1. Provide comparable LGN standard course for all our Run Clubs
  2. Via LGN's monthly time trial assist with tangible fitness progress
  3. Offer guide to tempo for people planning fun runs or PB races
  4. Build confidence for those aiming for initial 5km or 10km
  5. Help fan the flames of Inter LGN Run Club banter



Each of LGN's 1km loops have been measured using a calibrated surveyor's measuring wheel

Ravenscourt location and 1km route:

 Please click link to see map and 1km route - http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/72777782/
However, for full pictorial route blog please see below:
 Welcome to Ravenscourt Park on a beautiful spring day....
 Please take time to enjoy the park's ancient & celebrated Plane tree in gorgeous mild weather
 However, when LGN measured the 1km loop the rain fell and the blossom hid! This is the LGN 1km start point
 Your start is a lovely straight for over 200m
 After the park benches get ready to follow the path hard left
 And here is the hard left turn at closer inspection 
Head straight down and past the majestic Ravenscourt ancient Plane tree
 Get ready for another hard left turn at the bollards, treadd carefully LGN can't always gurantee an ambulance...
And here is your hard left turn taking you back to your original start point 
 And as you approach your start point you have covered 662.5m - so less than a lap remains for 1km
 Almost there! After running once more up the path past the tennis courts, you once more take the litter bin hard left 
 And the closest tree on the left of picture is your 1km finish line! 
At the small tree just shy of opposite the ancient Plane tree X marks the spot for another LGN 1km!


Happy running from all the LGN team and we look forward to seeing LGN Run Club updates very soon!


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Shaun Dixon LGN Trainer

3 Coca-Cola runners hit Ravenscourt Park loop in April to record their first efforts for the distances.
A well paced effort from Piers saw him come from behind to register a 4.07 time- an excellent run.
Ilan followed swiftly behind with a cracking run following little recent training- finishing in 4.12
Marathon girl Kata was the next runner in, coming through in 5.08. She's looking in good form for her Marathon efforts at London this year!

Shaun Dixon LGN Trainer

Despite the threat of Community Support Officers pulling us over and errrm making a citizens arrest (dont get me started about those ridiculous rules) Team Coca Cola smashed round the 1k route for the first time in 2012.
With 4 men under 4mins (on a course with some drastic corners) Coca-Cola could be major contenders for the LGN 5km team title this year..
Here's the numbers
Mark O- 3.21 Our new course record holder!
Hugh E- 3.24 I think Hugh left his finishing kick too late, he was eating up the ground over the last 50metres
Chris R- 3.46- No training for months, no sleep after new born baby...great first effort.
Andy T- 3.47- Think Andy was tentatively feeling his way into the 1k- I reckon he could easily lop off a big chunk next month!

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