LGN Wellbeing from 5km to Marathon Training Plans

Monday, 1st February 2016



LGN Wellbeing

5km up to Marathon Training Plans


 'On Your Marks, Get Set......'

LGN Wellbeing training plans free download:

LGN Wellbeing provide corporate run clubs to clients such as Unilever, Forsters, Jones Lang LaSalle, Mercer, Investec & Workman.

To benefit from an LGN Wellbeing training plan, please just scroll to bottom of the page and download the plan that matches your current running goal.

Plans include the following aerobic ambitions:

Walk to Run Plan

5km Improvers Plan

10km Triumph Plan

10km Improvers Plan

10km Trail Running Plan

Half Marathon Plan

Marathon sub 5 hour Plan

Marathon sub 4 hour 30mins Plan

Marathon sub 4 hour Plan

Marathon sub 3 hour 30 mins Plan

Marathon sub 3 hour Plan


With the right LGN training plan get ready for your sprint to victory 

(Photo from LGN's annual Advertising Industry 5km Run)


About LGN:

LGN provides in-house employee Run Club training to companies such as BP, Investec, Forsters, Mercer, & Jones Lang LaSalle. Our Run Club service is lead by expert running coaches and includes 24/7 coach-on-a-rope Q&A email support.

If you would like to discuss a cost effective LGN Run Club trial for your employees, please get in touch via info@lgnwellbeing.com


Do a runner with LGN 

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