LGN Wellbeing's Weekly Info Nugget

Tuesday, 1st January 2013


LGN Wellbeing's Weekly Info Nugget (aka WIN)

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Happy New Year from the LGN team and to celebrate we follow the traditional approach of assessing new job opportunities, provide insight on harnessing pain & laughing at old health related advertising messages, who said tradition was dead?

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2012 inspired?

Your LGN team will inspire you physically off the back of the London Olympics, but some of you may be more inspired by the idea of working at the next Olympics, thus please see Rio 2016 job offer list below. 




Pain – it’s all in the understanding

January is the month where new health goals are established and new research indicates that pain is not an absolute but instead a moveable feast depending on how you view it. 



‘Dieting? Try Sugar’

This and other great advertised health advice were once common in advertising, and as a new calendar year clips past we at LGN like to look back & enjoy the absurdity of what was previously sold as health advice, we are also particularly keen on the ‘Vitamin Donuts’….. The only worrying thing we at LGN wonder is what aspects of life we consider normal will people be gawping at in 20 years?   




LGN Run Club’s race of the week: 

What                -           10km Love Run     

When                -           16th February 2013              

Where               -           Finsbury Park           

Why                 -           NY resolution short term goal?                           

How                  -           http://www.actionduchenne.org/loverun2013



Happy running from all the team at LGN and if you're intersted in joining clients like BP & Coca Cola in utilising our uber cost effective Run Club wellbeing programme please contact us via info@lgnwellbeing.com



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