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Friday, 15th February 2013



LGN Wellbeing's Weekly Info Nugget (aka WIN)

Valentines day may have cut a dash but Spring is soon to be sprung and British summertime ticks ever closer, time to say goodbye to running hat & gloves? 

LGN Weekly Info Nugget - Feb 15th 2013:

This week's LGN Nugget looks at our LGN sport science prize, running away from hip problems & what Usain Bolt finds truly taxing.  


Captain Fantastic Ingrid Wagner holds LGN 5km trophy 

LGN Inter Advertising 5km captain’s prize

While Omnicom Media Group bagged the LGN Inter Advertising 5km team prize again last September, their flag bearer Ingrid Wagner also snaffled the prize for the most improved Run Club captain. Lowering her time from LGN’s 2011 Inter Advertising 5km of 24mins 36secs down to 22mins 29secs in 2012 and thus gaining a whopping 8.6% improvement.  

At LGN we like to prolong a good news story like our Inter Advertising 5km, and therefore only recently informed Ingrid that she won our £200 prize of high tech running laboratory session at the all new Asics flagship store, we look forward to blogging about the Asics facility and revealing what their anaerobic testing equipment predicts Ingrid can run at the 2013 Inter Advertising 5km on September 5th 2013.



Walking is less ‘hip’ than running

It may seem counter intuitive, but a vast long term study reveals that runners have less likelihood of suffering from hip problems or Osteoarthritis. The research paper assessed nearly 80,000 people surveyed over a 7 year period, and certainly can’t be described as non robust. The findings appears to support evidence that runners tend to carry less weight into older age than walkers, less weight equals less wear on joints, thus reduced risk. LGN will ask our physio partners at Back in Action UK to provide more detailed assessment soon. 



As the Beatles sang '....if you take a walk i'll tax your feet, Taxman' 

Elite athletics is taxing work

Do you ever wonder why you rarely see athletic megastars like Usain Bolt compete in the UK? It appears that someone within HMRC possibly was scarred from bad school sports days experience…




LGN Run Club’s race of the week: 

What                -           Fullers Thames Towpath 10                

When                -           April 14th 2013                      

Where               -           Chiswick, London                     

Why                 -           Fullers pint glass to all finishers           

How                  -           http://www.west4harriers.com/TowpathTen


Happy running from all the team at LGN and if you're intersted in joining clients like BP & Coca Cola in utilising our uber cost effective Run Club wellbeing programme please contact us via info@lgnwellbeing.com


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