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Thursday, 16th May 2013



LGN Wellbeing's Weekly Info Nugget (aka WIN)


LGN Weekly Info Nugget - May 17th 2013:

This week's LGN Nugget considers:

Those in glass house throwing bricks,

Those in middle age learning new tricks,

And of course those in the US beating commuters for running kicks.  


When is a marathon not a marathon? - when it's 246m short.

Marathon short cut

You know you have run into an ethical swamp when The Sun newspaper is appalled on your behalf with headlines shouting ‘Angry…runners went wrong way’, this was for the Marathon of the North as virtually the entire field ran 246 meters short due to a marshalling error, oops. 



It’s never too late

The LGN team regularly provide corporate seminars where we explain tangible health benefits of joining our in-house Run Clubs, but it is always handy when yet more research demonstrates the life saving impact it can have, even if you are taking it for the first time in middle age.   




Why commute when you can race the commuters?

And finally we look at a new running craze set to sweep the US where keen runners create their own competitions by taking on urban public transport of all types – anyone fancy racing the Northern Line next week? 




LGN Run Club’s race of the week: 

What                -           Macmillan 10km               

When                -          June 16th 2013                     

Where               -          Regents Park, London                    

Why                 -           Celebrate Fathers Day & a great charity          

How                  -          Click here     


Happy running from all the team at LGN and if you're intersted in joining clients like BP & Coca Cola in utilising our uber cost effective Run Club wellbeing programme please contact us via info@lgnwellbeing.com




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