LGN's festive running gift list

Wednesday, 8th December 2010

 LGN’s Festive Consumer Nugget

Festive gift buying can be viewed like your running training, all that glitters is not always gold and very often the best running discoveries need to be uncovered.
And as we are runners and thus all heart (physiologically and metaphorically..) we hope you like the idea of LGN’s number 1 gifting idea this Christmas from Tesfa.
LGN’s  top 4 Christmas gifts:
  1. The Tesfa Foundation Gift Aid package
LGN’s numero uno Christmas present this year is a charity gift with running at it’s very heart – The Tesfa Foundation is a unique charity that works with children in Ethiopia who are drawn to the big cities in search of following in the footsteps of their running heroes, Ethiopian champion runners hold greater allure than UK pop stars and footballers combined and the consequences of this adulation can be fatal.
The Tesfa Foundation provides a salvation via food, accommodation and education for these young children who come from rural areas in search of earning money from their running and find their dreams in tatters and themselves living rough in the city.
The Tesfa Foundation has now also created a Team Tesfa running camp to give the children a platform to rebuild their physical strength and rekindle their passion for life. Please click here for more info and a variety of options of funding options which could make the perfect running passionate feel good Christmas gift http://www.tesfa.org/
  1. The Travel Stick
Have a friend or loved one aiming for 2011 Marathon joy? Chances are they are hunting the miles and or dreaming of more miles as you read this and you can bet their muscles are tight, the Travel Stick although looking a tad Billy basic actually does exactly what it says on the tin and can provide a valuable massage aid – especially on the pesky tight calf muscles. Runners Need sell it on line - http://www.runnersneed.co.uk/shopping/item.aspx?id=3968
  1. Running reads - Charlie Spedding’s ‘From Last to First’ or ‘30 Great Run in London’
One of England’s finest contemporary runners, an Olympic medalist from LA 1984 and still the English record holder for the marathon and a very modest man too. Available from Runners Need and limited outlets. http://www.charliespedding.com/
Or if running autobiographies are not the ticket, then how about some new London running routes for the marathon mile hungry person in your life? - http://www.runnersneed.co.uk/shopping/item.aspx?id=3781  
  1. Get a laugh from Auntie Beryl with these Runner’s Nipple Guards
These should be found at the bottom of every runner’s festive stocking, bleeding nipples are a pain and just think of the secondary hit of humour as they try to peek them off! http://www.runnersneed.co.uk/shopping/item.aspx?id=3915
LGN Christmas running:
Obviously your festive time is sacred and no one would begrudge you the opportunity to take some time out from you running, but instead of trying to train around the festive fun fest, how about instead fitting in crimbo race to help keep you ticking over?
LGN’s top 3 London festive races:


Happy festivities and running from all the team at LGN!

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