LGN 2012 Inter Advertising 5km

Wednesday, 12th September 2012

LGN 2012 Inter Advertising 5km results:

OMG UK crowned LGN 2012 Inter Advertising 5km champions:

They say winning a title is hard but successfully defending it is harder, and OMG UK proved how hard they had to run and push through the burning lactic threshold to again hold off team Carat.

When OMG UK won the LGN 5km title in 2011 they narrowly beat Carat by 66 seconds and when you think their cumulative time was over three and half hours you understand how slender last year's victory truly was. However,  in Olympic year under LGN's in-house Run Club training OMG UK slashed their 2011 team time by over 5 minutes, even though the Carat team gave impressive chase the gap in 2012 rose slightly to just under 2 minutes, so all to play for come 2013...



Yes - it is front page news as OMG UK retain the coveted LGN Inter Advertising 5km trophy


OMG UK wonder women: 

In the tale of the tape much kudos must go to the OMG UK ladies who took over 4 minutes out of team Carat's ladies and indeed were the fastest 5 women in town on September 13th.  And it was their LGN Run Club captain Ingrid Wagner who scored a big life time 5km PB to help guide them to such a strong winning position. 


 Watch LGN's Pamplona-esc 5km video start

Please doff your caps to the unstinting bravery of our LGN cameraman 


A&E DDB medal yet again:

Even though 2012 saw almost 15 new company teams enter the 5km, on the third step of the team LGN podium once again was A&E DDB yet again fully in contention. Since LGN started the Inter Advertising 5km in 2007 the Bishops Bridge Road agency has never missed the podium, testament perhaps to their long standing LGN Run Club and quite possible the infectious running passion of CEO Stephen Woodford. 

We hope soon to have reaction and quotes from the OMG UK camp but in the meantime we congratulate our 2012 champions and high five each and every lycra clad star who got involved our LGN Inter Advertising 5km.


 600 lycra clad LGN 5km ad land warriors commence team battle


Top 3 teams classification - scroll down for full team results available via PDF download 

1st Team:OMG UK

Gender RaceNo Name Gender Pos Finish Time Gender RaceNo Name Gender Pos Finish Time Team Time
Female 433 Emma Cranston 2 00:19:53 Male 468 James Williams 6 00:18:05  
Female 491 Johanne Jorgensen 4 00:20:44 Male 485 Andrew Harries 29 00:19:24  
Female 466 Ingrid Wagner 13 00:22:29 Male 475 Tom Gatenby 35 00:19:34  
Female 434 Amy O Malley 17 00:22:53 Male 416 Stephen Hutchinson 37 00:19:39  
Female 418 Kathryn Beadle 36 00:23:39 Male 481 George Bethell 41 00:19:50  
        01:49:38         01:36:32 3:26:10


2nd Team: Carat                    
Gender Race No Name Gender Pos Finish Time Gender Race No Name Gender Pos Finish Time Team Time
Female 203 Sarah Born 7 00:21:24 Male 192 Ben Moutrie 3 00:17:42  
Female 215 Fiona Williams 8 00:21:26 Male 189 Simon Lindsell 11 00:18:30  
Female 193 Clare Woolmer 21 00:23:13 Male 200 Damien Nott 22 00:19:05  
Female 225 Siobhan Royes 44 00:23:53 Male 190 Ed Sandeman 23 00:19:08  
Female 196 Kaye Dolan 48 00:24:10 Male 188 Jon Pile 26 00:19:17  
        01:54:06         01:33:42 3:27:48


3rd Team: A&E DDB                    
Gender Race No Name Gender Pos Finish Time Gender Race No Name Gender Pos Finish Time Team Time
Female 136 Beverley Newbury 5 00:20:48 Male 131 Tom Kingham 5 00:17:59  
Female 138 Lauren Dyer 15 00:22:47 Male 145 James Read 24 00:19:09  
Female 158 Marisa Parsons 18 00:23:01 Male 154 Christos Cardovillis 43 00:19:54  
Female 137 Katie Toller 32 00:23:36 Male 152 Edward Hughes 81 00:20:41  
Female 150 Tanya Howes 89 00:25:57 Male 151 Tom Ellis-Jones 96 00:20:53  
        01:56:09         01:38:36 3:34:45



Hannah Liu brings it on home for Team Claydon's Heels


LGN 2012 Inter Advertising 5km 1 - London 2012 Olympics 0


The 7 Stars demonstrate the power of team ethos and the fact they are actually ten 5km stars


Top 3 men and women classification - scroll down for full individual results via PDF download 

Men's Podium:          
Position Name RaceNo Team Finish Time  
1st Neilson Hall 549 iProspect 00:14:43  *LGN course record
2nd Matt Pointon 250 Fallon 00:16:50  
3rd Ben Moutrie 192 Carat 00:17:42  


Women's Podium:        
Position Name RaceNo Team Finish Time
1st Clare Thurgood 102 TMW 00:19:24
2nd Emma Cranston 443 OMG UK 00:19:53
3rd Jules Bernays 384 TBCH 00:20:28


Clare Thurgood (TMW) takes the top step of the LGN podium, flanked by Emma Cranston (OMG UK) and Jules Bernays (TBCH)


Team A&E DDB get ready for LGN's annual 5km lactic pain / pleasure principle


Many thanks to LGN's partners for making the 2012 edition of our Inter Advertising 5km such a success, from Gavin Burt (Backs & Beyond) and Chris Wilson (Body Lab) providing expert injury Q&A, to our timing sponsors from Soleus, our retails friends from Runners Need, not to mention Zoo Fever cheerleaders and Cash Cows musical wonderment.



Check out your photo finish:

Dont forget LGN's freinds at Runners Need will be awarding a new pair of running shoes to the person decreed to have created the best sprint finish face, to check yours and obtain for posterity click here - www.randrphotos.co.uk/event-photos.php

And there's more:

Additional pictures, video & both Soleus GPS & Runners Need competition announcements will be arriving on this page soon, in the meantime if your company doesn't yet enjoy the benefit of an LGN Run Club take a peak at the pdf download below and contact info@lgnwellbeing to find out more.


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