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Thursday, 19th September 2013

OMG UK regain Inter Advertising 5km trophy

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Thursday, 5th September 2013

LGN's 2013 Inter Advertising 5km results

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Wednesday, 28th August 2013

Jones Lang LaSalle Property 5km 2013 Aerobic congratulations to all ...read more
Sunday, 30th June 2013

LGN Run Club's May 1km Prize MEC's Sian Johal claims LGN May 1km joy!

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Thursday, 30th May 2013
LGN Run Club's April 2013 1km winner TMW's Matthew Vaughan romps home with the April LGN 1km win via 12.9% time improvement ...read more
Thursday, 16th May 2013

LGN Wellbeing's Weekly Info Nugget (aka WIN) LGN Weekly Info Nugget - May 17th 2013: This week's ...read more
Tuesday, 30th April 2013
LGN Wellbeing's Weekly Info Nugget (aka WIN) ...read more
Tuesday, 23rd April 2013

LGN Run Club's March 2013 1km winner M&C Saatchi win 2-in-2 months as Alex Lindblom-Smith ...read more
Thursday, 4th February 2016

Welcome to LGN’s marathon fuel & hydration tips ...read more
Wednesday, 20th March 2013

LGN Run Club's February 2013 1km winner Padgraig Ryan from M&C Saatchi takes February 1km win ...read more
Monday, 18th March 2013

LGN Wellbeing's Weekly Info Nugget (aka WIN) ...read more
Thursday, 14th March 2013

LGN Run Club captain's Asics Lab prize

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Wednesday, 4th September 2013

LGN Run Club's Inter Advertising 5km 2013

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Monday, 18th February 2013

LGN Run Club's Kings Cross 1km Loop #3

Kings Cross although not known as the greenest part of London now ...read more

Friday, 15th February 2013

LGN Wellbeing's Weekly Info Nugget (aka WIN) Valentines day may have ...read more
Monday, 4th February 2013
Running strong with LGN's partners Back in Action UK

LGN are proud to introduce the first of ...read more
Friday, 18th January 2013

LGN Run Club's November 1km winner Ad agency TBWA takes November 1km win with Derek Ng

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Friday, 21st December 2012

LGN Run Club's October 1km winner:

adam&eveDDB claim LGN' ...read more
Tuesday, 1st January 2013

LGN Wellbeing's Weekly Info Nugget (aka WIN) alt="" /> ...read more
Wednesday, 12th December 2012

LGN Run Club's September 1km winner:

OMD International stand on top of LGN's 1km podium ...read more